Spill Awards 2017: The Shortlists

Well, we’ve excelled ourselves this year: over fifty different albums nominated for Record of the Year, of which only eight received more than one vote – which gives us our shortlist. Rather more unanimity when it comes to films, TV, or villains (that is, almost everyone nominated three or four of the final eight; choosing between them may be rather harder), similarly blank stares when it came to thinking of heroes. The usual routine: you have until the end of 31st December to cast your votes, with 1 vote for every category but Record of the Year, where you can have three…

16 thoughts on “Spill Awards 2017: The Shortlists

  1. Voted as much as I can, I think.
    Don’t feel able to vote on film or TV, as I’ve seen none of the films, and only one episode of any of the TV.
    Pleased to see 2 of my 3 nominated albums made the shortlist. Have you had a chance to listen to my suggestion from the other one, Prof?

  2. I’ve done my best – having not watched any of the Films or heard any of the albums I have to skip those… only watched one of the TV series as well.

    My Danger Mouse as the best thing on TV for the third year running nomination isn’t listed – CBBC is probably not the destination for most people that read the ‘spill – but it’s great.

    Merry Christmas one and all.

  3. Voted, though I’ve only watched one of each the films and TV series.
    Villain of the year is a hard one, but I don’t think Michael Gove should be on there (this year at least) – doing a surprisingly impressive job as environment secretary so far.

  4. If I’d have got my act together to send in some nominations I almost certainly would have suggested The Deuce as TV Series. Don’t know if anyone caught this David Simon/George Pelecanos (of The Wire on TV and other awesome writing fame). It was totally brilliant. However, the suggestions put up on the polls were tricky enough to choose from. Thanks for organising Abahachi!

  5. Voted except for TV (still only half way through the last Dr Who season, mixed feelings) and album. I assume I would have been the only one to nominate The Cravats – Dustbin Of Sound if I’d got around to it.

  6. event up here was Hull City of Culture which has been fun all year
    me lad got a book published which meant i had to read it, event of the year was being able to say i’d finished – very good – quite gripping – Mother & Monster

    how come villain doesn’t have an ‘all the above option .. wot a bunch

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