141 thoughts on “Festive ‘Spill, 2017 – Threes

  1. Looking forward to listening tomorrow. From glancing down the list, glad someone went for that Bleachers track – it was in contention for me too.

      • That was me, that was! I honestly can’t stop listening to bloody Bleachers, it’s like musical crack! He’s rehabilitated the “orchestral stab” setting from 80s keyboards with this one!

        • It’s a good choice. It was at number four on my list for the year. Well, number five after MUNA’s “I Know A Place”, but I ruled that out as it came out in late 2016 (too late to make my three last year).

  2. Thanks to Shane for the amazing artwork.

    Will post who picked what later – feel free to guess or claim your own in the comments.

  3. Darce & DsSis’ school Christmas carol service just finished. **
    Will try to catch up with listening / commenting in about an hour.

    ** Recorded for broadcast by Phoenix Radio on Christmas Day apparently. Who knew?

  4. Amazing artwork by shane and awesome curation shoey!. 3rd time tonight that I’ve listened to Slowcoaches. I’d go with Panther for that nom. And seeing as he sent it in as an Earworm this week I’ll go glassarfempty for the Robert Finlay, but I could be totally wrong! Currently on track 6 – whoever chose that is a genius. Basically soundtracked my summer!

    • Yep. There won’t be any mysteries in figuring out my picks. All Indian and all with a Ravi in them!
      Have just had one run through the list and I’m guessing Isobel Anderson is yours and Jens Lekman Barbryn’s. Severin and GHE for Mammut and Finley.
      Nadia Reid is excellent. Kudos to whoever picked it.

  5. Thanks to Shoey and Shane and everyone for their picks.
    Particularly enjoyed Flasher and Mt. Kimbie, cheers to whoever posted those.

  6. Oh I forgot this was going up today! Just listening to track two now and will have to save most of the rest until tomorrow. I suspect that the Mountain Goats is Shoey himself and agree that Thaikkudam Bridge is most likely Ravi but that’s about as far as I’ve got.

  7. Looking forward to listening to these tomorrow. I love the idea that there are probably two or three tracks here that I’ve never heard but I’m going to fall in love with…

  8. Mountain Goats – Joc?
    Sean Rowe – DsD?
    Nadia Reid – Tincanman?
    Terminal Gods – Beth?
    That’s as far as I’ve got so far …

    • Sean Rowe? Nope, never heard of him. Wish I had though, it’s ace.
      I’m going to have to give up and go to bed; Darcey’s being a pain-in-the-arse about going to sleep, and DsMam is so shattered she’s got so little fuse left, it can’t even be called ‘short’.
      Listening will have to be tomorrow night. G’night all.

  9. Hooray! Listening now (and yes, OK, Despacito is a pretty great tune).

    Thanks as ever to Shoey for wrapping all the presents, and to Shane for designing the wrapping paper – love it!

    Not going to make guesses as to who chose what till I’ve heard more, though mine is fairly obvious.

  10. Excellent fun so far got to about track 13 after catching up with yesterday’s ‘League of Gentlemen’
    As ever – a very interesting mix – track two goes all mental half way through – I like that.
    Flasher(dc)** are ace too – heard the 7” ‘Winnie’ that came up on a recommend on my Bandcamp (**there’s another Flasher band too by the way).

    Listened to This is The Kit on Carole’s post – liking what I hear of them so far.

  11. ToffeeBoy: I’m assuming Gecko is yours. I’ve noticed you interacting with him on Facebook, but hadn’t got round to listening – which is something I’ll have to rectify, judging by that. Unique and utterly charming.

  12. Jens Lekman is excellent, I feel I should know who chose it but I don’t … Robert Finley must be ghe … Danish String Quartet possibly Beltway or toffeeboy. Really like Mammut, This is the Kit. Thanks all, and especially Shoey.

  13. Nearly at the end of the list here, couple more to go. I would have gotten Ravi right, and brbyn with Jens too. A few more stabs in the dark here – Lanegan – Leavey, or maybe Sean Rowe. Danish String Quartet – GF, Beltway, or Magic? Slowcoaches – Beth or Panth? Flasher – Shiv or Van Wolf? I would have gone Bish for Bleachers too, but i guess not. Maybe Fuel? Madam – Suzi? Hippo Campus – Mnemonic? Kauan – Carole?

    Special donds to MADAM and Riddled with Ticks. Loved the Mammut and the Gekko too. Thanks, all!

    • I have the Flasher ep and picked a track called Tense for end of year cd, though it was one I cut due to only having 80 mins. the main guy is bass player for Priests who I saw this year though with Flasher on a support tour elsewhere they had Carson Cox of Merchandise as a stand-in. So a good guess, but not me. I was more mellow with my #3.

  14. Not usually a fan of The National (for some reason I always get them mixed up with the Decemberists), but I enjoyed that a lot

    • I don’t really get The National either – I do like his voice though, although on some songs it just drifts past me – but the music always leaves me umm I don’t know – I just sometimes don’t notice it! (I’m not a very careful listener).
      ‘The System Only Dreams in Total Darkness’ was on Carole’s playlist and I thought it was excellent – think the same listening here.

  15. Phew – listened to the lot. A lot of highlights, I knew the Slowcoaches and Jens Lekman (and my own one of course), but everything else was new – bring on the twos!

  16. Late to the party so only starting listening now.

    Back with some guesses later – but shoey for the opener.

    Thanks to both shoey and saneshane for this wonderful early Chrimble pressie.

  17. I think I’m now logged in as the right virtual entity – hopefully there’ll be a picture of a cat at a typewriter next to this post.

    Yes, barbryn, the Gecko track is mine. Really pleased you like it – he’s my younger daughter’s friend and just starting to get the success he deserves.

    I just started listening to these and struck gold straight away with the Mountain Goats track. They’ve been on my ‘to do’ list for years and I’m loving what I’m hearing. A touch of Death Can For Cutie in the vocals which can’t be a bad thing.

    More later, I’m sure. Now back to the music…

  18. Great stuff everyone. Gecko and the Danish String Quarter (GarethI?) were the ones that got a repeat play before bed, and Isobel Anderson was another particular highlight, but looking forward to giving the whole lot another listen.

  19. That was a great start to the day:

    Stand-out tunes: Robert Finley, Sean Rowe (tincanman?), Josef Leimberg (poss barbryn), Gecko (surprisingly!!!), The National (??)

    And I loved the Lanegan 😉

  20. thanks everyone and esp to shoey and shane. i’ve had a listen through yesterday evening and this morning. i don’t always find it that easy with the differing styles to give all the tracks the credit that they deserve and I found it interesting how I can react differently to tracks on second hearings. that might be down to wanting to hear immediate type tracks I usually prefer.

    the tracks i have other than my choice are the Flasher (is that Panth?) and US Girls – love them both. I know Slowcoaches – I like that a lot. I’ve heard at least one of the National tracks – I’ve stopped buying their stuff mainly because I now find it just a bit too comfortable but not surprisingly like both of the songs. I’ve heard the Lanegan track before and liked it.

    On first listen the other standouts for me were the second half of the Thaikkudan Bridge, the Mammut, the Mount Kimbie, Kauan, the Say Sue me, Terminal Gods and was surprised i liked This is the Kit, because i couldn’t stand that Moonshine Freeze(?) they did.

    Second listen, found I liked the isobel Anderson, Nadia Reid, Gecko and Hippo Campus tracks. Maybe I was in a calmer state. The first This is the Kit track, Kauan and Mount Kimbie were still up there.

    So cheers, looking forward to the 2s now.

    • You were right – Flasher was me! I had no idea there was a Priests connection though – it was another record I picked up on sight in a record shop.

      • I don’t think I knew until I was due to see them when I read about who was standing in for him. the flasher lad looks about 15. It wasn’t so much the priests connection, more that I couldn’t think what else in the list you may have picked after you’d said slowcoaches wasn’t yours. have to post about priests on your 3 pick.

  21. Erm, lyrically I would expect the opening track to be Beth. Sweet tune; made me chuckle. Enjoyed Ravi’s choice – mesmeric… at least until it breaks down and revs back up as a rocker when it loses me a little. I too would have gone Panth for Slowcoaches – Shane? Robert Finley – tinny? Amy? Carole? I might stop guessing before I offend someone… Small Leaks Sink Ships – blimpy? (I appear to still be guessing.) Yeah, I’d probably go Magic for Despacito too. I should’ve chosen Bleachers but didn’t. Erm…

    Liking Isobel Anderson – no idea whose it is if it’s not barbryn’s (which it isn’t). This Is The Kit grew on me as it went on. Actually, maybe Sean Rowe is tinny. Nice. Ooh, loving the Nadia Reid. OK, I can see why folk think Terminal Gods is Beth. Maybe Mountain Goats was Shane… And I too suspect Nilpferd of Josef Wotsit.

    Right, that’s half of them done – and a good two-thirds of those were as lovely as expected! More anon…

    • I’m not in the running here, i sat this year out. Didn’t listen to much new stuff this year and wasn’t excited by much that i did hear. I mostly caught up on oldies that i missed over the years.

    • arteesane picked ‘Slowcoaches’ – I did find it funny when panthersan put it up in his best of the year writing: “and I’m very aware that my own tastes very rarely overlap with other ‘Spillers (or anyone else for that matter!)” knowing a track was in the end of year ‘spill already.

      Mountain Goats isn’t me – having played ‘who can get a Goats track nominated first’ for many, many years against shoey on RR – this is the first ever Mountain Goats album I really can’t listen to… words are so fantastic, as ever, but the music is so not my cup of tea (I didn’t even make it to the end of the album – after nearly buying the deluxe limited edition vinyl for a stupid amount of money! – I keep trying to listen, I keep failing to hang in there) – not a diss on whoever choose the track, just a weird personal reaction to one of my favourite ever recording artists.

      • I’m with you on the Goats album, i listened to it too and thought the same. Was similarly unexcited by The National this year and Lanegan.

        • “Spent the year catching up on old stuff” is bang on the money for the DsD year too, as is your opinion about Lanegan & The National (only one track from that made it onto my Walkman). I was similarly underwhelmed by Elbow, Jason Isbell, Black Star Riders, Thunder, Ryan Adams’ supposed “return to [heartbroken] form”, etc., etc. And don’t even ask me about UFO’s pile of steaming **** of a covers album.

          • I didn’t listen to the Isbell album, but i do remember a track of his being my fave on a playlist Leavey did a few months ago. Listened to a few other songs of his that didn’t seem to be up to the same snuff.

          • Whilst Mrs. L is the Elbow fan I do like the first side of that new album, but think you and amylee need to give the Lanegan album another listen – it’s brilliant.

            You may well be disappointed with my Festive 2 choice also!!!!

          • @ Leavey – the Lanegan album was too darkly electronic for my tastes. All menace and spikes. I couldn’t love it.

          • Actually Leavey, if this Lanegan was yours, i did like it. And along with The National, i didn’t dislike the albums, i’d just give them more of a meh. Nothing i would say, hey, you all need to hear this. And with the Goats, i liked this song too. But along with Shane, i didn’t like the music part of the album. too, what, jazzish? for me maybe.

  22. Liking the Mammut – Björky vocals, no? Slightly perverse to be narked with Obama after the 2017 the US has had but that US Girls is a cracking tune. Say Sue Me coos along nicely – I like the coda best. Awww, Gecko; totes adorbs. Bit bothered by the Hippo Campus track beyond the singer’s range but I guess that gives it a touching vulnerability; it’s certainly a lovely tune. Kauan was good – oh they’re all good! I’m boring myself now. I feel like I should like the National more than I do. I mean, I quite enjoy them when I hear them but – like Elbow (with exceptions) – their stuff sort of glides by me. I blame smartphone-induced attention deficit disorder. Either that or Kylie. She’s to blame for an awful lot. I too suspect DsD of being responsible for Lanegan. I like it. I mean, it’s a bit daft but hey, so’s Kylie. I too like Riddled With Ticks (but wouldn’t like being so). Blimey, Danish String Quartet really does what it says on the tin, doesn’t it? I wasn’t expecting that. Oh, it’s the Nash again – those one’s grabbing me a little more. Probably because it’s more “alternative 80s”. Don’t mind if I do, Madam. Goodness, isn’t the Jens jolly? Nope, no clue whose the last one is.

    Well, I enjoyed that lot. I wonder if it’ll be another year of the 3s being my favourite. Only time will tell… Cheers all, especially Shoey for curating and Shane for illustrating. bb x

  23. Well, that was a lot of fun. I made a few notes, so here goes;

    Robert Finley sounds like Chris Farlowe to my ears and I am wondering if this was DsD’s track.

    I liked Thaikkudam Bridge a lot, has to be Ravi, surely?

    Small Leaks Sink Ships, interesting. No idea who nommed it, though, but topical, seeing as the Navy now has an aircraft carrier, with no aircraft but a leak.

    Luis Fonsi was odd, but fun. I loved both the Isobel Anderson and Cory Hanson tracks, lovely, beautiful music. I wondered about Sean Rowe, could it be DsD? Or maybe Beth, with her love of deep voices? I think not, but I could be wrong.

    I really enjoyed Terminal Gods a lot, a bit like Joy Division with a different singer. Did Beth nom it? The JD similarity might rule her out for this one though.

    Mammut was brilliant; psychedelic gothic folk-rock with electronica, what’s not to like?

    Some tracks had a weird 60s girl group groove going on, filtered through a more modern sensibility. Odd but attractive, I think.

    I almost nommed “Nobody Else Will Be There”, because I have really enjoyed The National’s music this year, so I will own up to nomming “The System Only Dreams in Total Darkness”.

    Anyway, bring on the Twos!

    • My other half is off aboard that leaky aircraft carrier for a year as of January. I’m trying not to make too many Titanic ‘jokes’ within his earshot…

      • Blimey! Joking apart, that’s a hell of a prestigious gig. Did he do anything in particular to earn the job, or just in right place at right time? Either way, I’m impressed and I hope you’re proud.

        • Nah, it’s not really. He’s in the naval reserves and the navy proper advertised for reserves members to crew the ship as they’d had too many of their regular staff cut (good old austerity, eh?) and so were facing a shortfall. I think he’ll just be pot-washing or deck-scrubbing or some such.

          • I mean, I’m proud of him for having the guts/tenacity to go for it (it sounds like hell on earth to me), but I don’t want to give the impression he’s some big cheese!

          • I think he gets six weeks off, so presumably we’ll see one another – I have yet to work out whether they give him the shore leave in the UK though or whether they just spit him ashore wherever they happen to be… which might be a little inconvenient/costly for me!

    • Loving the fact that those guessing which one is mine are all over the playlist!!
      To give it away, I did say only one track from The National’s album made it onto my Walkman – that track was Nobody Else Will Be There, and that one is mine.


    After a lot of faffing about the powers that be at Grauniad Towers have finally decided that THERE WILL BE TOPIC LAUNCH this Thursday (21st Dec) at 8 pm as usual. So if you’ve got time on your hands this festive season and feel like dropping in I am sure they’ll be very pleased to see you.

    Happy Holidays to one and all!

  25. Happy Holidays y’all. Haven’t had thyme to listen to these yet – can I download the playlist? Can’t remember the procedure. Anyway. Haven’t knowingly heard any of the other number threes, although I have heard other songs by some of them…

  26. I’ve listened to these tracks a few times now. I need to say something. There is some awesome music here. I’ve found something to love about every single one of them. There’s a lot here I’ve never heard of before which is totally brilliant.

    Slowcoaches have become my new favourite beat combo; thanks to Panther for putting it on his year end list, to vanwolf for putting it on his compilation on this week’s earworms and to shane for nominating it here (at least I think you’ve owned up to that, shane??). I also liked the Bjorkiness of Mammut; very lovely, Danish String Quartet was lively, Thaikkudum Bridge was unexpected and fab, Josef Leimberg very nice, I’ve been enjoying U.S Girls for a while so very glad to see it here (vanwolf – is that yours?), Bleachers is new to me and I want to find more of their stuff now.

    I found choosing 3 tracks really tough and I have a feeling if I’d been asked to send in 3 tracks this week, they may have been completely different.

    Do these go into Dropbox at some point?

    • US Girls isn’t me, though it’s a worthy choice and I love the track, and Damn that valley from a couple years back. #3 was the most difficult choice for me and my chosen one has hardly been mentioned lol. i probably had 30+ tracks to choose 3 from and changed my mind quite a few times including nearly ditching #2 altogether when it was originally my #1. the US girls track was released quite late i think which counted against it a little. no idea who picked it though for some reason I thought of shoey when i saw it, but i know he loves the goats.

      • ‘Twas me, innit. Funnily enough, its late release worked in its favour for me – as I said above, it edged out a track by MUNA because of its novelty (ie, I think I really prefer the MUNA!).

          • My favourites are I Know A Place (which almost inadvertently became a tribute to the people killed in the Orlando nightclub attack – and is all the more moving for that) and Around U.

          • They performed a particularly fine version on Jimmy Kimmel, complete with special Trump-protest verse, but the videos online don’t seem to work on my work computer. But it’s worth checking out.

    • Hey Sarah

      When we started this over a decade ago I didn’t really think it was going to be quite so successful – so when doing the art for shoey I sent him arteesane’s top 3 choices for the year – to go with my own (saneshane’s).
      I’ve always treated arteesane as a separate identity (the arteesane company does the art).
      saneshane is my on-line personality for music sites and personal social media.
      RANTaGHOST is my loud mouthed shouty personality (one year he got a selection of choices too).

      I’ve always felt very uncomfortable merging those identities – festive ’spill is one of the only places that they gather.

      But in the last couple of years the way the country has gone – my arteesane work personality has had to stand up and produce work that reflects my beliefs – so political satire is published with my other work – I’ve given up doing children’s books as my own have grown, so I don’t feel I have to keep separate those works any more – if I don’t get exhibitions because of standing against the idiocy in this country – then so be it.

      So yes, I did pick Slowcoaches AND Small Leaks Sink Ships!
      (I put as much effort into these designs as a real job – I hope a 2nd choice isn’t too much payment to take!)

      Excellent pick in Mount Kimbie – I had that down as nilpferd – except he’d already said he liked it – ruling him out!
      This game is hard.

      • Thanks Shane. We all keep parts of our lives separate for all sorts of reasons, so I get your 3 personalities thing. I don’t begrudge you 2 picks – I think you deserve it! I am genuinely loving Slowcoaches. I think you’ve shared a Small Leaks Sink Ships track before, but for the life of me I can’t remember when or what for. The Mount Kimbie has really grown on me over the last couple of months, I love the cover art too.

        • Can’t think if I’ve mentioned Small Leaks anywhere yet – been too busy to play RR in any great depth.
          Mount Kimbie sleeve is good isn’t it – haven’t kept up to date with them since buying CROOKS & LOVERS – will have to rectify that.
          Slowcoaches are one of a fair few ace female dominated bands that have release cool records this year.

    • PUBLIC HEALTH ANNOUNCEMENT: Don’t listen to Bleachers, they will ruin your life and leave you unable to listen to anything else most of the time. DAMN YOU ANTONOFF!

  27. Here’s the list of who sent what (look away if you want to keep guessing):
    1 Shoegazer
    2 Raviramen
    3 Arteesane
    4 Glasshalfempy
    5 Saneshane
    6 Magicman
    7 Blimpymcflah
    8 Panthersan
    9 Alimunday
    10 Vanwolf
    11 Shivsidecar
    12 Tincanman
    13 Garethi
    14 Bethnoir
    15 Albahooky
    16 Severin
    17 Bishbosh
    18 Pairubu
    19 Toffeeboy
    20 Partiallystars
    21 Abahachi
    22 Darceysdad
    23 Leaveitallbehind
    24 Debbym
    25 Nilpferd
    26 Carolebristol
    27 Mnemonic
    28 Barbryn
    29 Afictionhabbit

    Will box up this first batch of mp3’s. E-mail me if you need a link.

    Hoping to hear back from Mnemonic for her last two picks, but she’s middway through moving, so may not get a chance. Apart from that, “Two’s” are all ready to go @ 8:00pm (UK) tomorrow.


  28. Well, that lot was a blast! So much good stuff, so little time. I obviously haven’t been keeping up this year, as most of these were completely new to me. Jewels that sparkled in the treasure chest included This is the kit, Isobel Anderson, Bleacher, Cory Hanson, Mammut, Say Sue Me, Kauan, Josef Leimberg.

    Massive thanks to shoey and Shane, as ever.

    Now on to the twos – but as others have said, it’s often the way that the Threes are the best set. Let’s see.

  29. Epic DsD-pleasing start with Thaikkudam Bridge, Slowcoaches and Robert Finlay. Trying to make my mind up about Small Leaks Sink Ships as I type.

    • Enjoyed 9., 10. & 11. quite a bit as they played through, but they do then rather pale next to that phenomenal Sean Rowe song, which is DEFINITELY my favourite non-noisy selection so far (out of all the #2s and half the #3s). Playing it again; Nadia Reid is going to have to wait another 4½ – or possibly 9 – minutes.

    • Ah. I’m going to stop here, as the Josef Leimberg has TOTALLY changed the vibe. I’ll come back and start there again later.

  30. I’m well behind with my Festive ‘Spill listening – haven’t even started with the Twos yet and I’ve only managed a couple of listens to the Threes. Here’s what I’m liking so far.:

    Mountain Goats
    Small Leaks Sink Ships
    Isobel Anderson
    Cory Hanson
    Nadia Reed
    Terminal Gods
    Josef Leimberg
    Hippo Campus
    The National (The System…)
    Jens Lekman

    I’m particularly fond of the Hippo Campus track – completely new to me…

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