116 thoughts on “Festive ‘Spill, 2017 – Twos

  1. Commenting just so as I can tick the Comment Notify box, I’m going to hoover up what I hope are some nominator easy pickings:
    April is Mnemonic, Kindling is Leavey, Jogi Blues is Ravi, Vampires is tincanman.

  2. cool. there’s a definite theme with the ace artwork!!

    nice looking list. I think I’ve nailed panthero’s pick straight away. looking forward to that one.

    • I’ve not really listened to them since they were a lumbering space/psyche band (I think i have their first record only) – they’ve progressed a lot!! I wouldn’t even recognise them if I hadn’t seen the name. It is good though! Very moreish!

  3. #3 -Eilen Jewell is GHE and #24 Grok Enrol is from Ali. And #27 Susanne Sundfor – well she has a few fans here but I think it is Severin’s pick.

      • I so nearly double-antonoffed myself! It easily coulda been triple. ***tips captain hat in jack’s direction*** I think I was a bit hard on Annie’s record. I just had such high expectations. It is a fab record but maybe it’s just lacking a big weepy ballad or I dunno what.

          • I kinda sickened myself by listening to Lorde too much and I’m due my second wind on the record shortly. I may put it back in the banger.*

            *this is both a car and a Wiley reference. The Wiley record also got a lot of play this year.

    • Glad to see that on here. I only came to the Lorde album recently, just after sending in my top 3, and my word it’s addictive. Hoping someone’s chosen The Louvre for the #1s…

  4. I’m very much liking the Rose Cousins and the Eilen Jewel. I’ve poured a port and put my headphones on. What a lovely time of year this is.

      • Blown Out are like an early Verve b-side. It may not seem like it but that’s a massive compliment from where I’m sitting. And whoever put forward the 3rd Line Butterfly, you nearly had me up n raving!

        • Prophets of Rage are lots of fun, aren’t they! Such a good throwback to being 16. Ah. Super. Ok, I’m done here. ROLL ON THE ONES, thank you Shoe & Shane 🙂

    • I meant ‘reflective’ – I blame the book I was reading on the way into work “Reflective practice and reflexivity in research processes” – I only bought it for the alliteration!

  5. Currently I’m up to Michael Head (not my bag. Didn’t really get on with the whole album. Sorry to whoever chose it). But I’m going to take a punt on Magicman for Loyle Carner. I remember him saying how much he liked the album earlier this year. Florence really is a lovely track. My fav on the album. Talented young chap.

    • Yes, and in fact it was my no.1 but Shoey is not to blame. I sent the files with about three minutes grace time for the list. My painter/handyman had shrouded my computer with dust sheets while he painted the back room and I only got my hands on it yesterday.

  6. So far Blown Out is my favourite – Leavey? Carole? Also like Eilen Jewel, Rose Cousins, Aldous Harding, The War on Drugs and Jason Isbell. I should probably go to bed.

  7. Finally get a beer in my hand & you’ve all buggered off. Oh well

    Will post who is to blame for what here at some point & add some more to the box – including the dark choc strawberry ones that nobody wants (until Jan 3)

    Great job on the commentatering, although you may have given my phone an aneurism .

  8. Wonderful list. Faves – hmmm. Jason Isbell, which is i think the same one that was my fave on Leavey’s list. Loved Micheal Head, and Aldous Harding. Elbow was lovely, and so was Suzanne Sundfor. Michael Chapman too. Also really liked Grok Enrol and Snapped Ankle. Glad to see that the Prophets of Rage seem to have found their legs a bit. Listened to them when they first got together, and thought, hhhm, maybe sounded better on paper, guys. Think it’s Tom who pulls it all together here, but it works.

    I struck out so many times for the threes, i’m not going to even attempt to guess who did what this time.

    Thanks very much, all!

  9. Of the first dozen that I’ve listened too due to be awake ridiculously early this morning I liked:
    Eilen Jewell, Billy Raffoul, The War on Drugs (Sarah?).

  10. Finished having a first listen: enjoyed most of Bastien Keb, Elbow, John Abercrombie Quartet (Nilpferd?) and Michael Chapman (tinny?) but absolutely loved Dool – DsD????

    Top two tracks are that mammoth tune from Blown Out and Dool – great.

    Bring on the Ones.

    Many thanks to our two festive spillers for putting this together.

  11. Of the first half of this lot (on a first sweep anyway), I’m particularly liking:

    – Rose Cousins
    – Arcade Fire – one of the (disappointingly few) highlights of the album (along with the title track)
    – Loyle Carner – although those ‘uhs’ make me wince a bit
    – The War On Drugs – I didn’t buy the latest album but it sounds like it’s continuing in the same
    vein as the last one, which suits me fine (though I don’t quite get why it’s “cool” when the 80s
    drivetime rock it derives from still isn’t… or is it now? I lose track)
    – Jason Isbell – works very well after the WOD
    – Aldous Harding – ooh, it’s a laydee! I was expecting a fella – blimey, wasn’t expecting that ‘hey!’
    – Elbow – another one on my shortlist that I’m glad to see getting the recognition

  12. my listening has been a bit stop/start due to annoying work crap.

    thanks again to everyone – shoey/shane especially. great list and lots of variety as ever. only got the aldous harding which is ace. i have a snapped ankles single from the year but i think the track here is much better. enjoyed that. i’ve heard the phoebe bridges before, no idea where but it seems to have stuck with me cos i wouldn’t have thought I had. i’ve heard the arcade fire, war on drugs, big thief and i have checked out blown out & prophets of rage in the year.

    heard a few loyle carner tracks – he has a lovely style, like him. i often sing his no ps track to myself 🙂 like the blown out, snapped ankles, the seiko oomori in a sickly sweet sort of way. really love the Grok Enrol track, never heard of that – will be a repeat listen. enjoyed the 3rd line butterfly too. liked the dool track, though wasn’t sure i liked the vocal.

    knew michael head had this album coming out but hardly recognised him vocally. been a while since I heard him I guess.

    hopefully get another listen as the mellower tracks tend to fare better on those for me.

    and looking forward to the 1s!!

  13. Ooh, that Big Thief is lovely, isn’t it? So’s the Phoebe Bridgers. I didn’t think I’d heard of her but I’ve definitely heard this song before. So that’s nice. Nice to hear Michael Head again too. I think I’ve got a Shack 12″ (“I Know You Well”) kicking about at home from ‘back in the day’ but I’ve not really followed his chequered career.

    Liking the 3rd Line Butterfly – sonically a bit redolent of the latest St Vincent long player (or bits thereof), I thought. Snapped Ankles make a bracing noise – enjoyed that. Love the Susanne Sundfor – one of the few I’d heard before.

    Cheers all!

    • Just accidentally posted this over on RR – whoops!

      “Liking the 3rd Line Butterfly – sonically a bit redolent of the latest St Vincent long player (or bits thereof), I thought”
      I think this year has had a very interesting mix of influences in music in general – this is 3rd Line Butterfly’s 8th album (I think; most info is in Korean) since 2001 release back in January – all the ones I’ve been able to find (with excellent help from Shoey) have been experimental – this track being the most rave/new wave like on the album… which I love because I’m having a kick back year listening to lots of old school rave!

      DsD mentions Snapped Ankles sounding like Devo – I thought St.Vincent’s album released in October had those undertones too – 3rd Line Butterfly have those early 80’s influence on other tracks on the album.

      Two other albums that I got this year are re-releases of the band Maximum Joy from 1981 here’s: Silent Street & Silent Dub


      Zazou, Bikaye – here’s: Lamuka from 1983 that if I hadn’t known them from my early years could easily have been released anytime between 3rd Line Butterfly and St.Vincent this year – not 35 + years ago.

  14. Listening to Here Now, There Then the album released this year by Dool – really enjoying it – can’t wait to find out who nominated this ???

  15. Clocking on to pick up from where I got to last night. Jogi Blues is a good start. Those little guitar frills at 1m20s remind me of someone else, but I can’t place who …

    • That Big Thief song is lovely, and so is the Phoebe Bridgers, who is also reminding me of someone else, a LOT. Can’t place it, annoyingly, but it’s a male singer she’s reminding me of. Definitely glad I quit after Blown Out last night; wouldn’t have been as appreciative of these in the aftermath of that!

      • Michael Head has still got it, hasn’t he?
        But now … Oh God it’s all gone horribly wrong! Even Jess (DsSis) has come into my office to find out what the horrible banging noise was – sorry, whoever picked 3rd Line Butterfly!
        Fortunately, Dool are here to restore my equilibrium.

        • Bloody Hell!! Grok Enrol & The Nu-Thing are messing with my head: ace buzz-saw riffs backed by precisely that ‘teeth-on-edge’ percussion I can’t bear.
          Fair to assume there’s a few Devo LPs in Snapped Ankles‘ record collection, no?

          • That Susanne Sundfor climaxes nicely, doesn’t she? Erm, I mean, oh … sorry!
            * blushes *
            I’ll distract myself by singing “Unfuck The World!” repeatedly as I make the tea, shall I?
            Cheers everyone. I’ll try to go back and listen to the #3s before the #1s drop tomorrow.

  16. Not quite through them all yet, but another cracking list. The shiniest baubles on the tree so far – for me – seem to be Rose Cousins, Billy Raffoul, Fever Ray, Ravi Iyer, and Big Thief. Then the tree became engulfed in tinsel when the awesome Blown Out track unraveled. I was addicted to this kind of stuff in the late sixties, and can’t believe this hails from Newcastle rather than California. The Angel atop the tree, though, is Aldous Harding – beautiful song, lovely changes of pace. I first heard this on Vanwolf’s playlist on Earworms. The Kiwi invasion continues. Now, where did I put those headphones.

    • Isn’t it?! I never really ‘got’ Royals-era Lorde – it was all too languid for me. But I love her a bit more energised (and poppy).

      • I was a bit scared off by the poppiness at first, but on the second or third listening it all clicked into place and the excellence of the songwriting came through

  17. Fixed the year, tipping more stuff in the box & here is the list of credit & blame:

    1 Mnemonic
    2 Tincanman
    3 Glasshalfempy
    4 Blimpymcflah
    5 Partiallystars
    6 Abahachi
    7 Magicman
    8 Bishbosh
    9 Vanwolf
    10 Carolebristol
    11 Leaveitallbehind
    12 Garethi
    13 Panthersan
    14 Raviramen
    15 Toffeeboy
    16 Barbryn
    17 Afictionhabbit
    18 Albahooky
    19 Shoegazer
    20 Debbym
    21 Arteesane
    22 Bethnoir
    23 Nilpferd
    24 Alimunday
    25 Saneshane
    26 Shivsidecar
    27 Severin
    28 Darceysdad
    29 Pairubu

  18. I didn’t get the Protomartyr album despite being a big fan of the previous one, but everything I’ve heard from it has been great – one oversight to rectify in the new year!

    • I guess i’m biased but I think it’s a great album. 2 or 3 tracks in the running for a pick as well. I can understand people thinking it’s retro but I love the guitars. I think you picked Scum rise a couple of years back. got a May date to see them again next year.

  19. I’m slowly getting through these. Too early to pick out any particular favourites, although I’ve liked the Arcade Fire track since I first heard it a while back.

  20. I’ve finally found the time to finish of the Twos.

    Lots to like and a few that, sorry to say, I didn’t, but I am not going to upset anyone by saying which ones they are.

    The one that really stuck in my head was that massive guitar wig-out by Blown Out. It was a bit like being transported back to a Hawkwind gig in 1972. Talk about a Sonic Attack! Terrific stuff.

    I also liked Eilen Jewell and Fever Ray, and Jogi Blues was a nice gentle thing after the Blown Out Sturm und Drang.

    The Elbow song with John Grant is a lovely thing, and I am not really a fan of the band, although I like Guy Garvey’s solo work. The two voices work so well together.

    Others I liked were; Bastien Keb (like a superior American Cop Show feem choon), Dool, Grok Enrol, Michael Chapman and Prophets of Rage.

    All in all, a pretty eclectic selection, which pretty much sums up the musical tastes of us ‘Spillers.

    Now for the Ones.

  21. I’m catching up too. Favourites include Shoegazer’s, Ali’s and Shiv’s, but all interesting and the 15 minute whig out of Blown Out was fun. Thanks everyone for expanding my musical horizons!

  22. Of the ones I haven’t mentioned already, Michael Head and Michael Chapman standout (Shoey and Shiv), also Big Thief (Barbryn) – thanks all. Only one I didn’t like and that shall be nameless. On to the Ones!

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