102 thoughts on “Festive ‘Spill 2017 – Ones

  1. Ha! It’ll End In Tears. Hopefully not.

    I’ve got my office door shut, and I should be free of interruptions, as I’ve told the girls I@m wrapping presents … which IS true.

    Here we go . . .

    • Maryam Saleh, Maurice Louca and Tamer Abu Ghazaleh; highly recommended nilpferd.

      The words on the album are by Egyptian poet Mido Zoheir – no idea at all what they say – but it’s such a fantastic album mixing various eras and nationalities sounds that it doesn’t matter.

      • Thanks for this. Playing Lekhfa via YT right now – it is great. Translations can be found in the descriptions: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W4cGM79Vcd4&list=PLQOsoBwhDWJc_D_2Mrz_h9XhATujVPbxf

        Maryam Saleh works/worked with Zeid Hamdan (half of Soap Kills with his brilliant sister, Yasmine).

        Give “Ensen” by Emel a listen – it treads similar ground. The CD comes with translations in English and French – it’s bleak reading, though the music is great.

        The single “Ensen Dhaif” was my second fave this year but any track from that album could have been chosen.

        • Ensen Dhaif is excellent – thanks for that will search out more.

          Was putting together a youtube of my fav tracks of the year last night but didn’t scroll down to check if there was a translation – will look into that too.

          saneshane 2017 list

          it starts with Rebbeca from Slow Clubs first solo outing as Self Esteem (I thought it might be in barbryn’s top three this year) anyway, there’s a link – better get off to start cooking dinner at the in-laws.

          Merry Christmas to you and yours – have an ace one.

    • Very well intuted, nilpferd. And glassarfemptee has spotted the (partial) thinking behind the choice.

      Look, I don’t feel qualified to comment here (yet) as I’ve only heard most of the 3s and a few others I’ve clicked on out of curiosity. I’ll get there. (Having forgotten my login is a bit of a drag, too). If I’m not back in the next 13 hours, I wish a thoroughly decent Xmas to all of you and yours. Cwtch.


  2. great cover art. a favourite album of course.

    made a start. saw downtown boys this year and got their album. very energetic and entertaining live with a keyboardist who periodically jumps around like a madman whilst playing the saxophone. Great choice!


  3. Liked the first London Grammar a lot, that deserves a FaltyDL remix.. thanks to LIAB for that.

    Now I’m getting Go-Betweens flashbacks again from Vanwolf’s choice.

  4. I’m up to The Unthanks now. It’s all got a bit becalmed and lovely and warm’n’fuzzy over the last half-an-hour or so. A quirk of the alphabetical listing, I’m sure, but I could do with some noise soon …

    • And there’s Anirudh Ravichander – with odd coughing noises that I’m sure must be deliberate: Ravi? – to up the tempo. Good.

  5. That is some very fine sax playing on the Nubya Garcia track, and wonderful drumming. And now a tuba solo!!! Flashbacks to Bob Stewart and Arthur Blythe. Great track @Albahooky.

  6. No. 22- “Get up on a table and scream your name”- reminds me of a weekend “psychological healing” session held a floor beneath my student flat, in which the participants got up on tables and screamed their names, profanities etc. At about 2 o’clock in the morning. I nipped that one in the bud. This one is quite cosy though. Thanks again to Shane.

  7. Sorry, but only my second negative comment of the whole Festive Spill: I didn’t skip it, but I couldn’t wait for the Richard Dawson to end. Really not sure why, as there’s not a lot of difference between Ogre and, say, Micah P. Hinson. Sorry anyway, whoever’s favourite this is.

    • Richard Dawson reminds me, strangely, of Peter Gabriel and early Genesis. “I know what I like in your wardrobe”. Combined with Robert Wyatt and “Shipbuilding”. Quite strange.

  8. Nightmares on wax feel to the Johnny Marr/Maxine Peake track, excellent. I saw the video for this but the music and lyrics didn’t hit me as they do here. Good choice @shoey.

    (In fact it could be a N.O.W. sample, the bassline? Les Nuits? Or the riff played live?)

  9. Weaves just earned themselves an instant replay. On first play, the volume kinda crept up on me like a boiling kettle; one minute it was gurgling away harmlessly, the next there’s steam exploding from every vent. Loved it.

  10. Festive ones

    I’m not sure why the threes always seem the best bunch. I think it’s the shock of the new. The impact of a wonderful group of songs, most of which we have never heard of, from the finest group of pop cognoscenti on the planet, takes my breath away. To try to rekindle that heady intoxication of the new for a second and third time is a big ask. But for once this batch have pulled it off. I approached the Ones with reverence – these are songs that you people love the most, and you want your netmates to love too. I savoured them all, and they are a lovely playlist, though I also can’t help myself listening for the highest peaks in this alpine collection – the totally arresting ones. In a quick listen (ok, I’ll own up to not hearing every track all the way through, though in no case out of dislike) the peaks have been numerous. The standouts for me have been the relaxed and sparse Continental Breakfast (an antidote to Brexit); the totally arresting and stripped back Devil is fine; Encryption (for the opposite, especially the elaborate flute solo from Elena Pinderhughes); Jaws of love (Kelcey Ayers honeyed voice propelled by lovely pumping piano); Hell to the liars (although enigmatic, perhaps another song for our times, with the ever powerful swooping pipes of Hannah Reid); the bottled nostalgia of the Unthanks; and the cri de coeur from Weaves (”we’re obsessed with prosperity but we don’t have homes”), and the metronomic and mesmerising Melanie de Biasio. I also loved Carmen Souza, and will look out for more of her stuff when I am in Cape Verde next month; Nubya Garcia (nilpferd’s pick?); Naana Thaana for the sheer joy of an Indian hoedown. But TBH there wasn’t a track there I am not looking forward to hearing again. A triumph by the RR massive – the Ones live up to their billing. And thanks, as ever, to Shoey and Shane.

  11. More big thumbs up to Japanese Breakfast, Weaves, Aces, Hifi Sean (dancing round the kitchen to this one!), Lorde (the shift at the two minute mark is lovely, and then there’s the Blondie fake out ending), Mitski and so on.

    That was a tremendous yearly round up, thanks to all for the ear joy. Shoe/Shane – thanks again. 🙂

    • Damn. Just used the word “ace” before The Aces were also … um
      * reaches for non-existent thesaurus *
      … top?! [As in ‘Arry’s “top, top player”.]

      Ooh, that HiFi Sean‘s catchy, innit? Oh, Al Green quote (or Talking Heads, if you’re a bit younger).

  12. Hey all. Will publish the list of who done what tomorrow & fill up the box.

    Thanks all for playing, listening & commenting. Remember that The ‘Spill is not just for Christmas. Special thanks to Ali, Sarah, Chris & Carole for keeping the ‘Spill Going this year.

    Hope we can do this again next year.

    Merry Christmas.

  13. Haven’t finished listening to the 2s yet as family things have got in the way (although that did include rehearsing a passable version of Fickle Flame with my brother). Anyway, now on my own with headphones on listening to these. Props to whoever chose The Louvre (magicman?) and I Remember (severin?), which could easily have been in my top 3, as well as Alvvays (blimpy?) and Richard Dawson (mnemonic?). But looking forward to discovering lots of great new tracks.

  14. Isn’t it odd how alphabetical order sounds as though it was thoughtfully curated, with nice changes of pace and clumping of chill out versus balls out?

  15. Zeal and Ardor’s ‘Devil is Fine’ is so ace (‘Blood in the River’ has been a fav track for a good clear out of the cobwebs in my ears this year).
    ‘What Is A Killer Like You Gonna Do Here?’ is more my usual taste though – love it.
    Great pick.

  16. Seems i’ve heard more on this list than the others. Nearly halfway here now – faves so far are the Downtown Boys, Courtney and Kurt who had some lovely tunes this year. Terry, oddly enough for me Nubya Garcia (I’ll go Al on that one too), and The Unthanks is gorgeous. I’ll guess Sev on that one, as we’re in the middle of a chat about that on the Song Bar. Both the Jaws of Love and London Grammer took awhile but both kicked in for me around halfway through.

    • Oh my, hallelujah! Alvvays is the swoony jangle pop i’ve been looking for and missing all year!

      I first heard Ogre a few days ago from Megadom i think. Called batshit and genius, i was intrigued enough by the GoT / Zep / Canturbury-tales-on-shrooms vibe to check Dawson out a bit more. I likee, but might not have if i wasn’t aware of the concept.

        • Loved Thundercat, Michael McDonald makes me think Carole. Ace – Bish (if not Lorde)? Loved HiFi Sean – Magic? Oooh, love Johnny Marr. QOTSA – Beth?

          • Actually really did like the QOTSA a lot. Just afeared that it means the power guitars are gone for good and they’ll be doing opera or musicals next. The Mitksi was pure beauty. Agree with Nilpf that Marillion is a very classy ending.

            Thanks very much to everyone, and especially Shoey and Shane. A very happy holiday to all.

  17. Another great set of tunes. Only dipped in, so to speak. Hopefully I will do justice later today.
    Wishing you all the very best for Christmas and the coming new year. Thanks to all Spillers and special thanks to Shoegazer and Shane.

  18. I’m sure I considered that Mitski for my top three last year… Either that or time doesn’t fly as quickly as I think it does! Hope to get to these today – can’t wait!

  19. Up to no. 13 and that’s a great sax on there.

    Of the other dozen so far – Devil is Fine (tinny?), Greg Allman – (DsD?), Jaws of Love, London Grammar – obvs and hasn’t she got a wonderful voice 😉

    Still lovin’ that sax.

    Great tribute at the end – looking forward to that one.

    As Marco would say kudos to our curator and artist in residence.

    Everyone have a wonderful day tomorrow and a peaceful new year and in the immortal words of Greg Lake be it Heaven or Hell, The Christmas we get we deserve

  20. Right, been left alone for a few minutes at the in-laws – let’s see how far I get…

    Rather enjoying the Downtown Boys – right rollicking romp. Think the Maryam Saleh is gonna be a grower – loving the instrumentation. The Kurt and Courtney (how dense of me – I’ve only just noticed that) is a lovely chilled tune. I cherish my intercontinental friendships too. Enjoying the London Grammar too.

    Right. Best be off now – more anon!

      • * sigh *
        It is right this minute three years ago that the hospital turned my kid brother’s life support off.
        I’ve just had a text to say my brother-in-law’s mother has died.
        Fucking FaceBook saw fit to remind me that 2017’s “highlights” included Mainy & TempusFugit losing their partners this year.
        This selection for Kalyr has just torn the top off a very tender scab.
        Off to give my girls a hug and remind them how much I love them.
        Please take care of you and yours, everyone.
        Here’s hoping that 2018 can arrest/reverse the alarming descent of the last couple of years.

      • That was mine, bit of a cheat as it came out last year but I only discovered her this year. To be honest I’m torn between thinking she’s the best thing since slice bread or the worst. I can’t decide but she certainly puts her all into her stuff. That’s such a great track, deserves to be top of my list any year.

  21. didn’t get very far with this yesterday or today so have to try again boxing day or so. quite a few artists I recognise, the weaves track I know I like so glad that got chosen, and looking forward to checking out the Japanese breakfast track. Anyway, Happy Christmas to you all and thanks again to Shoey esp for organising and for all the contributions that makes this so special!

  22. Here’s the last list:

    1 Panthersan
    2 Bethnoir
    3 Arteesane
    4 Shivsidecar
    5 Fuel
    6 Nilpferd
    7 Tincanman
    8 Leaveitallbehind
    9 Vanwolf
    10 Glasshalfempy
    11 Alimunday
    12 Darceysdad
    13 Albahooky
    14 Severin
    15 Magicman
    16 Raviramen
    17 Mnemonic
    18 Garethi
    19 Blimpymcflah
    20 Barbryn
    21 Toffeeboy
    22 Saneshane
    23 Carolebristol
    24 Debbym
    25 Partiallystars
    26 Bishbosh
    27 Abahachi
    28 Shoegazer
    29 Afictionhabbit
    30 Pairubu

  23. Still only half way through the twos but some brilliant tracks this year, all round. Thanks very much to shoey and shane and everyone who participated. And a great idea to have a track for Tim. Happy Christmas everyone.

  24. I’m only part way through the Threes but I will eventually get through all the music. Thank you to those still listening to new music and retaining the enthusiasm to pick out, submit, administer, paint and post so much of it here.
    I have largely remained in my personal Deadzone this year, so much so that the same two concerts (from 1972 and 1978) have been looping on my car CD player for months now. I’d like something from these lists to grab me but I’m starting to suspect that the things my ears get grabbed by have fallen off…

    Although the world maybe going to hell in a bucket, 2017 has been a pretty enjoyable ride personally (becoming an OAP turns out to be OK, if you’re lucky enough to have an adorable girlfriend like mine).
    I hope 2018 turns out well for all of you. The very fact that this community still exists, despite fracturing slightly into RRers, facebookers and songbar(r)ers, gives me hope. Just keep on truckin’ on!

  25. Well this Terry song is jolly in a Lilac Time-meets-somebody-else sort of way. Doesn’t scream 2017 but after three hours of “dance bangers” courtesy of Radio 1 in the back of the in-laws’ car home, it’s a blessed relief. I think the Unthanks will appeal but nothing much is grabbing me this afternoon, which I suspect says more about my mood than the music (see aforementioned car journey)… so I’m going to come back to the rest laters. Hope everyone’s having a lovely Boxing Day.

      • Of the last half, particularly liked: Alvvays (had a feeling I might), Father John Misty (again expected; I was a fan of the last album but, oddly, didn’t feel the need to hear any new stuff from him – but of course it’s very listenable), Japanese Breakfast, Weaves (though I can’t quite decide if I want to hear it again!), The Aces, Lorde (obvs), Johnny ‘n’ Maxine (thank god one of the Smiths is still saying things worth listening to…) and Mitski (just checked and I had this at my number 5 in 2016, according to my iPod). Lovely to have something for Tim too.

        Thanks Shoey, Shane and everyone who contributed – top stuff as ever. Happy New Year, etc!

  26. Ok, ones I like best apart from those mentioned already – London Grammar “Hell to the liars”, Anirudh Ravihander, Japanese Breakfast, Weaves, The Aces, Hifi Sean, Lorde, QOTSA although not what I expected and Mitski. Thanks to everyone.

  27. Finally finished listening to these – lots of highlights, but special shout outs for Kurt ‘n’ Courtney, Alvvays, Lorde, Jonhny Marr and QOTSA – had to double check I was listening to the right track!

    Thanks all!

  28. Everyone who wanted links should have them.

    Apologies to Fuel – a couple of tunes got lost in transit (a taste of the end of net neutrality?), but the surviving one is here.

    Tunes will stay up until Twelfth Night (or longer if I forget to take them down).

  29. Thanks Shoey and Shane for an amazing job of pulling this together – I’ve enjoyed all three lists although the 1s have had less play so far, just a time thing. There’s so much on here that’s new and that I’m loving; Christian Scott aTunde Adujah, Nubya Garcia, Jaws of Love, Japanese Breakfast, Maxine Peake (who is amazing at everything she does) & HiFi Sean all new to me and just great. Thanks everyone and Happy New Year!

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