RR Films: Hope and Resilience

Well, the consequences of big decisions made in 2016 have started to manifest themselves this year and 2018 looks very unpredictable indeed. Will Donny continue his mission to become the World’s Greatest Ego by ignoring every person and every fact that contradicts him or will we end the year with President Pence and whatever new hell that might usher in? Will Theresa keep clunking on despite her complete ineptitude and the Tory weasels gnawing at her heels? Will Jezza ever make a policy statement about Brexit? Will men in general grow up and start treating women as people? Will women in general stop taking notice of the propaganda aimed at them and start being nicer to other women? Will we all be blown to kingdom come?

Who knows?

But let’s hope it all works out well, eh, and the human race starts to value difference as something good and enriching, rather than as a threat. Please. So tell us about films with a message of hope and/or resilience, something that stirs the soul and restores/ingites faith in humanity.

I’m going back to 2011 and thence, accompanied by the off-kilter narration of Werner Herzog, back a further 32,000 years to the Cave Of Forgotten Dreams. In 3D, the wall paintings shown in this film transported me back to a time when humans and animals were part of the same environment and, having not yet discovered how to commit mass slaughter, the humans seemed to have an understanding of their place in the world. We are the same creatures who want to record their lives (on cave walls rather than smartphones) and leave their handprints as proof of existence, yet we now also have the technology and understanding to find, analyse, record and enable others to experience things that happened thousands of years ago. In a strange Teutonic accent.

What films that inspire hope and resilience would you recommend?


9 thoughts on “RR Films: Hope and Resilience

  1. Two Days, One Night (2014)

    French/Belgian film about a young woman called Sandra (Marion Cotillard) who has been off work with depression.
    While she is off work, the management get other workers to cover for her and offer them a substantial bonus if they agree to make Sandra redundant. She wants to return to work, learns about this offer and finds she has one weekend to persuade the others to vote to keep her job. She is helped by a very supportive husband in this endeavour and,,,,,,,,,, no spoilers.

    Some scenes hard to watch but definitely a film about resilience and hope.

    Loved WALL-E too.

  2. 10 Cloverfield Lane springs to mind.

    Young girl comes round after a car crash, ‘trapped’ in an underground bunker with two men – the person who built it (Howard) and a local lad (Emmett).

    Premise of the story has been an alien attack leaving the earth’s air unbreathable – various twists about Howard’s back story and his supposed daughter.

    Anyway Michelle makes several attempts to escape but soon realises that it’s better to stay and they start to ‘accept’ the situation and live together but Howard becomes more controlling and on discovering that his daughter may well have been a local girl that went missing Michelle and Emmett plan to escape preparing a ‘homemade’ hazchem suit.

    Howard discovers them and shoots Emmett, eventually Michelle escapes following an incident with a vat of acid and a fire only to find that ….

  3. I guess “12 Years a Slave” would be an obvious suggestion but I prefer the only film Charles Laughton ever directed, namely the magical “The Night of the Hunter” starring Robert Mitchum as one of the most evil characters yet portrayed in film, “Reverend” Harry Powell, and Lilian Gish as the guardian angel of the threatened children. A unique and disturbing film.

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