RR Films: Overturning The Odds

Media pundits are examining the state of the world and shaking their heads at the prospects of 2018 being a safe and peaceful one, so let’s build on last week’s theme and encourage ourselves to believe. Maybe by considering films about overturning the odds we can inspire a few unlikely defeats for the dark and powerful forces currently in play.

At the risk of sparking some John Bull jingoism, I’m going to kick off with last years Their Finest. It may have been a tad corny but the basic tale of the victorious defeat at Dunkirk is enhanced by some additional small-but-significant victories against sexism. And Bill Nighy.

What films about overturning the odds would you recommend?

16 thoughts on “RR Films: Overturning The Odds

  1. Harold Lloyd- Cat’s paw. Naive missionary’s son returns from China and gets signed up as a shoe-in dupe against the mobster backed mayor; but he wins against the odds, and then cleans up town.
    We had a year catching up on old Lloyd films and some of them are surprisingly relevant today. As well as being hilarious. Plenty of extremely questionable “ethnic” presentations in this film, it should be added.

  2. The Killing Fields. Based on the true story of The Death and Life of Dith Pran but you all knew that. Not sure how aware younger generations are of this story and genocide.

  3. ‘Midnight Express’ – Billy Hayes is sent down for life for trying to smuggle hash out of Turkey in 1970 and endures a living hell in the notorious Sagmalcilar prison for 5 years until by some miracle he finds the means to escape. Without doubt the most disturbing film I’ve ever seen, gives me goosebumps just thinking about it !

  4. Over the Christmas break I watched a film called Okja about a GM company that has created giant pigs in an attempt to feed the world – yeah right! The story focuses on a girl in Korea called Mija who, along with her farming Grandfather, is custodian of one of these pigs and has named it Okja. They are best friends. When the time comes for the GM company to take Okja back to the USA, Mija overturns all sorts of odds in her efforts to get Okja back. Quite disturbing yet heart warming and funny at the same time – this is a story of resilience, determination and sticking to your plan. Great cast with Tilda Swinton and Jake Gyllenhaal, not to mention the Korean actress, Ahn Seo-hyun, who plays Mija. Co-written by Jon Ronson. If it doesn’t make you want to be a vegetarian, nothing will.

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