7 thoughts on “More ’17 Warmed-Up Leftovers

  1. Coldcut & On-U as well as KLO were definitely on my second playlist (still are). Loving Powerdance and Dreadzone and the Ron Gallo, have to see if the Gimme Shelteresque sounds are deliberate. SVE is a fine way to end 2017…ah, they’re all great tunes. Cheers.

  2. Can you make me a playlist every week, Shoey??!!
    So much to love on here. First 4 tracks are great, loved them all (saw Dreadzone in the summer – a lot of fun) but then !!! – how fab is that?! Totally loved it. Real Friday feel to it. I’ve played it about 8 times now 😉
    What is it with Fujiya and Miyagi’s obsession with ankles? I like this one, though I’ve not been keen on some other stuff of theirs.
    2 very beautiful tracks to end with. SVE can do no wrong in my eyes anyway tbh.
    Cheers for brightening up my Friday!

    • !!! are great live. Think LCD SS has borrowed some of them for their tour, so may be a while until you can go see them.

  3. A great selection of tracks that I (mostly) haven’t heard. I did hear Wobble’s version of Poptones this, sorry last, year when I saw him for the first time ever performing at Wimbledon Library. Which was not something I ever expected to happen.
    Incidentally, was the James Holden track based on or meant to sound like Pink Floyd’s “Us and Them”? Because it did remind me of it. Nothing wrong with that of course.

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