Saturday Shuffle

I thought I’d start a new thing in my usual slot. This is not hugely dissimilar to WOYT. I’m going to hit shuffle on my player of choice and see which three tracks come up next. I’ll post them here as tracks and pop them into the box too. It would be lovely to hear what you think (about this new idea and the music).

Oddly, the 3 tracks that came up first are all from compilations.

I do believe I may have nominated the first song for an RR theme on cheating – it had already been zedded some time before, but it does what it says on the tin etc.

Jackie Mittoo popped up 2nd. One of a couple of excellent Studio One compilations we have of his lovely keyboard sounds. Keyboard King of Studio One is probably a stronger collection but this track does very nicely.

The Best of David Bowie: 1969 – 1974 is a 20 track collection I borrowed from my friend Dr Rob and promptly ripped it. I have just 6 Bowie albums in total; this is the only collection though and is full of hits. This is a brief song about a short-lived affair that makes him miserable. All we know about the girl is, she has long blonde hair and is more than likely the Devil’s daughter. The opening reminds me of something by Badly Drawn Boy and the jaunty sax and strings make this a cute song of heartbreak.

What comes up when you hit shuffle?

15 thoughts on “Saturday Shuffle

  1. A surprise:

    Prince – Raspberry Beret
    The Kills – Getting Down
    Arcade Fire – The Well and the Lighthouse

    Interesting :0

  2. Ha – good game! I’ve got 30,000+ songs and a good proportion of those are from Tom Petty’s radio programme, of which I own the whole archive. Not two out of three, however, which is what came up here:

    Take Me For What I’m Worth by the Searchers (TP – he liked the Searchers a lot)
    The Heartbreak by Frankie Miller
    Rockin’ With Red by Piano Red (TP)

  3. This is a nice idea, but I, although I actually have an MP3 player, I rarely use it and, to be honest, I don’t like randomising my music when I do. I prefer to listen to whole albums.

    I know that this probably puts me in a minority, but it is how I like to listen to music.

  4. Tapping on shuffle on my iPod, I got:

    Melancolie – Tony Murena et son Ensemble (from a compilation called Cafe de Paris – i.e.French cafe music)
    Crying – Bjork
    Soft Verges – Half Man Half Biscuit

    Here’s a link to the French tune on Youtube. It’s an album I listen to once in a blue moon and pretend I’m on holiday.
    I do listen on shuffle sometimes. Ppartly in order to hear music I’ve forgotten about or just to enjoy the odd juxtapositions. Mostly whole albums though.

  5. I am always on shuffle, so the one playing now and the next two are:
    * Kuru/Speak Like A Child – Jaco Pastorious
    * Sunshine Of Your Love – Funkadelic
    * Chili – Dhruv Ghanekar

  6. Like Ravi I always play in shuffle. Funny you should post this idea, I had it also several years ago except in mine you ‘shuffled’ for an hour or so and then rewound to see what the titles were. This came about because one night I fell asleep listening to my iPod, I woke up in the middle of a dream with the earbuds still in.
    In my dream I was walking with a friend through a park and there were several music groups playing. As we approached one group a young woman stood up and began singing the most beautiful song, we listened and then moved on. The next group was a North African group with a lot of hand drums and that’s where I awoke, the iPod was still playing. I rewound it and lo and behold the ‘young girl’ was Sandy Denny singing with Fairport Convention, and the African group was one led by Hamza El Din; amazing that my iPod participated in my dream!
    So I just shuffled for an hour or so, here’s what came up.

    Sarah Vaughn – You’d be so nice to come home to.
    Miles Davis – Moon Dreams.
    Roseanne Cash – Heartaches by the numbers
    Dinah Washington – Darn that Dream
    Bob Marley – Baby we’ve got a date
    Paul Simon – American Tune
    Sonny Stitt — Back in your own backyard
    Etienne Mbappe – MNisiya
    Sidney Bechet – Summertime
    Youssou N’D – 7 Seconds
    Gratefull Dead – I need a miracle
    Dylan – If you see her say hello

  7. That’s random shuffle for you. Cheat is probably my least favourite track on the first Clash album. Nice flanging though.
    I don’t have the technology at the moment to select music at random. I occasionally compile a tape and forget what’s on it until I put it on my Walkman though.

  8. I shuffled my iTunes, and came up with:

    American Authors – Best Day Of My Life
    Satchel – Whose Side Are You On
    Orouni – Uca Pugilaotor

  9. P.S. The trouble with “shuffle” is that I get “The Girl with the Flaxen Hair” by Debussy when what I actually want is “Psycho” by Muse. Or vice versa. Either way, I end up turning off shuffle and listening to what I feel like hearing!

  10. My Walkman has just under 2000 songs on it – all long-term residents – and lives on permanent shuffle.
    The last three songs it played in the car on the way home tonight were:
    Pearl Jam – Elderly Lady Behind The Counter …
    Lori McKenna – Leaving This Life
    , which I skipped because it’s a hard listen unless I’m feeling very emotionally robust; and
    Drive-By Truckers – Home Field Advantage.
    I miss Shonna!

    My iTunes has 82853 songs in it, and I NEVER have it on shuffle. For the sake of this exercise I turned it on, and got:
    Chrome – Magnetic Dwarf Reptile,
    The Sadies – Tiger Tiger
    , and
    Frank Zappa – Black Napkins
    although it also gave me the following message after The Sadies:
    the song “…faith in the pants, not in the prick…” could not be played because the original file could not be found. Would you like to locate it?
    Hmmm. Not sure I do, thanks.

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