The Best Releases of 2017 (says wyngate)

I’ve covered most of this already on the recent Song Bar thread, but I thought I’d do a playlist anyway of new stuff that I picked up last  year. Where possible I’m picking a different track to the one I posted on the thread. Details below. I’ll start off gently….

Wire – Silver/Lead  Wire’s latest album was a mixed bag  and in places where it was a mellow for me. However the recent albums all have some great moments, and it’s nice to see a band this late on who continue to refuse the lure of nostalgia. Short Elevated Period is the punkiest and least typical track on the album.

The Cravats – Dustbin Of Sound My favourite album of 2017. Perhaps  the best comeback album ever released after a 37 year gap. I’ve talked about it elsewhere, and got it in the Song Bar list as a “wild card”. Not many tracks have made it to youtube so here’s Jingo Bells which was originally released as a single last year. Look out for Penny Rimbuad conducting “Crass Tours”.

Paranoid Visions – Rebellion EP  Best EP of the year, from the prolific malcontents. A band who maintain quantity and quality. No tracks on youtube so I’ve included a good live recording of the lead track.

Grits/t EP + Diamond EP    Staying in Dublin, these were possibly my favourite new discovery, a female fronted streetpunk band. Their demo from last year got released split over two 7″s. Apparently until recently they were playing in Discharge type bands (D-beat to those of who know our punk sub-genres), this is quite different.

Peter & The Test Tube Babies – That Shallot  Is it? We’ll see. Test Tubes first full album of new material in 12 years saw them dabble in pastiches of bluegrass and Bond themes, as well as what they’re best  at – cheeky, humorous punk with catchy tunes spiced with occasional bile! There’s more than a few hints that whoever is writing the lyrics has had some major relationship problems. They also have a dig at Californian punk bands, although before any Rancid fans get defensive, I should point out that Lars Frederiksen makes a guest appearance on the very track.

Varukers – Damned And Defiant  Rat seemed to have been focussing on side project The Vile since his departure from Discharge.  Suddenly his main band  reappeared with this. A relentlessly heavy hardcore punk album that musically feels like a gauntlet laid down to his former Discharge bandmates.

Hostile Minds – Life On File 7″  and….

Top Dog – Razor Reg 7″Oi records keep on coming and these are two of the newer UK Oi bands. Both released debut albums in 2016 , and followed them up with these EPs in 2017 featuring some good raw tunes.

Razorcut – Common Enemy LP More Oi, this time from Australia. I was persuaded to buy this in a Birmingham, record shop, and it turned out to be a good recommendation. Tuneful Oi that’s quite poppy in places, making good use of female backing vocals, such as on my favourite track Shadow Boxer. But that’s not on youtube, instead Lionheart finds them in a more confrontational mood. Which is also good.

Bad Sam – Bring Me The Head Of… The second album from the Newport band , featuring ex-members of Cowboy Killers and Dub War, taking on the likes of Donald Trump and Monsanto, but mainly working class life in Newport.


6 thoughts on “The Best Releases of 2017 (says wyngate)

  1. I’ve been listening to Wire a lot recently on YT and really like the latest album plus the one before that so will be getting both, they are the first albums I’ve bought since Chairs Missing in 1978/79 !!

    • I thought the last one was really good, the best they’d done for a long time. Send from 2003(ish) is really good , but quite different, almost an industrial sound. All of the recent albums have at least a couple of great tracks on if not more.

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