You Don’t Have to Know Me

I have a lot of favourite songs that I have never recommended. There are lots of artists whose music I like but have never recommended. And there are a few I have mentioned once and then forgotten or ignored because I have no idea about the lyrics or that perfect theme was long ago or they were a bit crap but I loved them anyway…

Some of these artists were at their peak long ago. Some will be popular in the futureif Faroese folktronica ever becomes a thing.

And I added three songs from one album just to give you more of an idea about the artist.

What unfairly neglected artists do you have on your shelves?

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32 thoughts on “You Don’t Have to Know Me

  1. Interesting question. I can think of mainly pop bands. One that I liked but haven’t listened to in a very long time is Mr Mister. Broken Wings, Kyrie, etc.

    • A friend asked for Mr Mister just as I played a request for Journey (gulp). Anyway, I confidently asserted that Kyrie was not in my collection but promised I would play it next if it was there. I did a word search to prove it. Fuck! There it was on a US comp I had picked up for next to nothing. My heart sank.

      I cued it up and went outside to avoid more of Journey. I timed my drinking to coincide with the end of Don’t Stop Believing and went back in to click on Kyrie. The punters loved it. Arms aloft, cigarette lighters in the air stuff but enough of a beat to dance to. All these late 40something women singing along. Someone will do a successful modern version of it soon.

  2. So many. Mostly newer music from the last decade or so, songs I don’t know inside and out. I seem to recommend the ones I do know inside and out, or whatever i’ve been listening to recently because it’s fresh in my mind.

  3. Neglected artists?

    I have been listening to Editors recently, no particular reason was simply searching for something that I hadn’t listened to for a while: Editors –

    Another overlooked group – sadly – White Lies Farewell to the Fairground

    Been lots of tremendous new music in 2017 and been discovering back catalogues for a number of new to me groups:The Weeks, Vintage Trouble, Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown and lots more.

    • Editors: I played the hell out of The Back Room. I have that somewhere – Fingers in Factories (Hmmm! What was the G’s RR theme last week? Oh!). Used to have to go on a 50 minute drive to work and that album was always in the CD player. Bunnymen sounds abound.

      I saw White Lies during the summer. They were really good. They said they were on the wrong bill at the wrong festival and had no fanbase in the country but they went down a storm precisely because they were having a great time and engaging with the audience and put on a show. All the people in the drinking areas were listening to them by the end. Death is a tuuuuune.

      Good calls

  4. Practically everyone good I’ve discovered in the past 15-20 years are “neglected” ie Six by Seven, Fat White Family, The Decemberists, The Wrens, Chris TT, Iliketrains, Little Man Tate, Yo La Tengo (possibly), Rubicks, The Metros, Dogs and The Candyskins to name just a few, and going back further there are others such as Superchunk, Sebadoh, Pavement, Drugstore, Flamin Groovies, AC Acoustics and a host of others, most of whom don’t feature in the Marconium either ! And funnily enough almost all these bands are what I would call commercial ie they have accessible songs

    • Definitely like all those and I think have all had their moment in the sun but never broke into the mainstream. Superchunk still sound like Superchunk: melodic and singalong and fun. I love them but don’t own a single tune by them. I should really rectify that. As someone writes, “90s af”.

      Think Shane, Steen and Shoey and others have all championed the first set of bands and many of the others. But, yeah, they mostly fly under the radar. A pity.

    • Donds for AC Acoustics….now, where did I put my two-sizes-too-small “Stunt Girl” t-shirt as worn on TOTP by Brian Molko…?!

    • More donds for Chris TT – I have a few 7″s of his from back in the day. I pulled out “Dreaming of Injured Popstars” a couple of weeks ago – great track!

      • Unfortunately Chris has decided to call it a day ie stop making anymore music, which is really sad I think as he was, and still is, one of the best songwriters this country has ever produced imho. He never really achieved any commercial success which may have had something to do with his decision but there are many artists in this country who frankly deserve better from the music buying public !

        • Chris T-T’s – The 253 is one of my all-time favourite ‘concept’ albums.
          I have bizarre word association that anyone asks for sellotape I hand it to them and I say “Dawson’s Creek” people look at me very oddly and it takes too long to explain!

          I can’t drink beer like I used to – but he had a wonderful philosophical turn of phrase:

          Kids! Stay in school, get a decent education
          You’ll need a steady job to pay for lubrication
          Everybody searching for a reason to continue
          The world is less rubbish with a cold beer in you
          So if you’re scared and headed for a fall
          It is better to have died of drink than never drunk at all
          Lean on beer, when you’re not strong
          We all need some beer to lean on.

          Drink beer, and you’ll be all right
          Drink beer, every day and every night
          When the world is giving you a heavy old time
          Drink as much as you can and you’ll be fine

          • Shane, yeah I think it’s a great album too but my favourite is “The Bear” where everything he’d been trying for the past 10 years seemed to come together and gel really well, and to finish with a song as stunning as “Tunguska” was something really special

          • I got a Beaten Drum from that but never had the album – shall get hold of it immediately – cheers for that; sounds like a perfect late night listen.

  5. 95% of my listening is by definition “neglected” by the majority given jazz/electronica’s miniscule public profile but that hasn’t stopped me nomming as much as possible of it on RR. On the other hand the corner of my music collection which probably gets least public airing these days is the Flying Nun section, there used to be more FN fans on RR and these days there are a couple of people who still recognise the old band names, but a combination of obscurity and largely meaningless lyrics means I’ve probably given up on getting any of The Clean, The Verlaines, The 3D’s or Straitjacket Fits into the Marconium to join The Chills and The Muttonbirds.

    In terms of neglected contemporary artists I think that if Juana Molina had produced her two latest albums in the “quirky psych folk indie” dominated early RR years she’d have cleaned up.

    • And yes to Juana Molina. I don’t support your suggestions as much as I could, especially the electronica. But was really happy you got Ursula Rucker’s What? listed – just great rap”rhythm.

      It’s funny peculiar how RR has developed with the two blogs and the reliance on gurus. Wish I had more time to do it and more interest. If I post a few tunes, it’s because they are interesting to me at that moment for whatever reason.

      • I think there’s probably been more acceptance for jazz among the general RR public than for electronic music, which has surprised me a little. Though the interest is certainly there btl when somebody puts up something good.

        I still love those moments when somebody puts up a track you love, or you discover something you’ve never heard, or a theme gets everybody reminiscing (eighties 12″ remixes and mixtape endings were very nice that way). The variation in focus through the changing gurus is on the whole good, I think- I feared it might provoke even more trolling but that has been kept largely in check which is a relief.

        • “I still love those moments when somebody puts up a track you love, or you discover something you’ve never heard, or a theme gets everybody reminiscing.”

          Those are the reasons why I come back. I have a theme for the reminiscing and comparing with the modern world, which I will try out here later today.

          I think RR is largely ignored by trolls because people rarely take the bait and most people involved don’t need affirmation about their musical taste; only rarely do RRs get upset if someone decides to piss on their parade.

          Sometimes I know what will piss people off when I guru, I know they will feel the need to advertise their righteous anger to the world. For instance, not including The Who’s “Tattoo” or including Dexys “Come On Eileen”. But I think most readers appreciate it when you include a wide range of genres and find a thread that will flow through it all.

          Would love more electronica on RR and always try to include something when I guru but I realise most people are indifferent.

      • Fair enough. I think I put in quite a few shouts for the previous album but they all fell on deaf ears. Haven’t tried this one yet but will try to shoehorn it as often as possible.

  6. I’m going to interpret this as artists or songs in my collection that are neglected by ME, rather than ignored by the outside world.

    First, stuff I listen to, but neglect to share or talk about. I suppose the main one would be my jazz records – as longer-term Spillers know the Spill converted me to jazz a few years back now. I actually listen to it quite a lot, especially Ornette Coleman and Thelonious Monk, but I never post about it or write about it on the Spill. One reason may be that I still don’t know much about it, but the other one is that the stuff I DO know is all old and I prefer to share and talk about new music, which is my own fault. I listen to quite a bit of new release free jazz/noise jazz (for example I was listening to this this morning:, but again I don’t really share it or talk about it, mainly because it is unlistenable to most people’s ears!

    The other way I interpreted it was as tracks in my collection that I hardly ever listen to. I bought a lot of stuff in the early-mid 2000s that I don’t listen to much anymore, Radio 4, !!!, Erase Errata, stuff on the Tigerbeat 6 record label, things like that……I really should!

    • Yes. These are songs and artists neglected by me. I’m interested in what gems people have but never suggest.

      Do a Spill post about your jazz listening. I listen to what others find unlistenable. 🙂 I’m listening to an awful lot of 1980’s soul and funk sounds – the sort of stuff you might find on a Street Sounds compilation or being played in 1980’s wine bars. Ha!

      Erase Errata – thought they’d become really popular in the indie world then…

    • You’ll be looking a long time for the Steely Dan box set, although that said I heard one or two songs by them on the radio in the 80s and quite liked them, so if I stumbled across the box set myself I might give it a listen

  7. I’m reasonably open about liking Roxy Music but that said I haven’t goven them that much of a listen in recent years, and you’d be surprised how unfamiliar I am with the first album. I played it recently. Interesting – you can’t accuse them of not pushing the boundaries. Some of it leaves me cold but this is brilliant

      • To me Roxy were, and are, a great singles band much the same as the Jam, just look at the singles they released
        Virginia Plain
        Do the Strand
        Street Life
        The Thrill of it All
        All I Want is You
        Love is the Drug
        Both Ends Burning

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