“D.I.Y Disasters (and occasional successes) Part 7 “Leicester was shit”


The Chineapple Punx – “Too silly” according to one of the Leicester punks

Early 2000 – I’d had two relatively successful gigs at the Spread Eagle and they seemed happy for me to book more. One day I got an unexpected call from the pub telling me that Dave Bartram from Showaddywaddy had dropped off a demo of a band he was managing for me. This was odd. Had Bartram finally decided to try and jump the punk bandwagon. If not why did he want me? Where had he got my name from? They’d been my favourite band – for about 5 minutes when I was 7; and my mum had known someone who’d known someone who lived next door to another band member. That was it as far as me and Showaddywaddy went. I went straight down to find it was a new member of the bar staff who’d been given the demo and looking through a book had found my name and phone number with the word “gigs” scrawled next to it.

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