Earworms 23 April 2018

Well here’s a how-do-you-do, I’ve been rushing around, trying to get this done, think I need another cuppa. Anyway, many thanks for all your caffeine Earworms, take a break, chill, give them a listen. If you have an Earworm you’d like to share, please send an .mp3 or a link to earworm@tincanland.com, together with a few words about why you’ve chosen it. Next week’s theme will be measurement. Feet and inches, pounds and kilos, big and small. No need to be exact, size is not important. Apparently.

Ella Mae Morse – 40 Cups of Coffee – glassarfempty: I’ve cut down from this level of coffee, but Ella Mae Morse needed something to keep her awake waiting for her man to come home. She has been called the first rock and roll singer. Hmm.

Aesop Rock and John Darnielle of The Mountain Goats – Coffee – saneshane: I first heard this Aesop Rock and John Darnielle track when it had a bonus track that came along after it on None Shall Pass (Bonus Track Version) – having the silence causing me distress when I listened in the car and made me skip it a lot… I dislike bonus tracks. I love the track though – so when I found the Coffee 12” – life was good again… “ this is what they make you take, the medication for”.

Humble Pie – Black Coffee – Ravi Raman: not the Ella Fitzgerald song but the Ike & Tina Turner one. From their Eat It album.

Joe Bonamassa – Tea For One (Zeppelin cover) – AliM: We seem to be slightly over-hyped with coffee this week, so here is a genteel pot of tea for one to slow things down a bit. Seems appropriate for St George’s Day.

Justin Rutledge – Kapuskasing Coffee – tincanman: Hits home for anyone from a small town in Canada, or anywhere for that matter. (What would have made this perfect is if fellow Canadian Kathleen Edwards had done a song about quitting music and opening a coffee shop in a small town outside Ottawa, which she did a few years ago. She was behind the counter when I was passing through one day last winter but I didn’t bother her. Had a great lunch and bought a t-shirt though.)

Philip Catherine – Coffee Groove – Ravi Raman: an instrumental by a jazz guitarist though this one has got oodles of trumpet.

Emile Vacher – Sporting Java – severin: Well, it’s on a compilation CD I bought years ago, called Café de Paris and the tune’s title is Sporting Java. So, despite it being an instrumental I’m certain its got something to do with coffee. And I rather like it which sort of matters too.

Ella Fitzgerald – Forty Cups of Coffee – severin: Two cups a day is more than enough for me. I’m more of a tea drinker really. Forty would just about finish me off I think. You’d come home and find me on the ceiling. Still Ella makes anything sound good I reckon. (Compare and contrast the Ella Mae Morse version – Ed.).

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