Are you feeling horny?

Looking for a YT video link for one of my song recommendations this week, I spotted a familiar face looking back at me from the ‘Up Next’ sidebar. What I stumbled across has really grabbed me. Not Linda’s vocal (which IS great, but is she possibly losing a bit of control aiming for all that power?), nor Sam’s brief contribution (I’m assuming he’s now too old for the Boy Wonder tag?), but man, do those horns sound good down there or what?! Enjoy.

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Effin’ Useless Brits.

IMG_4110.JPG I’m an hour and a half into a 7 mile journey to work, but only done a mile and a half!  I put my winter tyres on the car yesterday and  left the house early to clear the path and the car of snow.  Seemed only sensible to me;  why is that not the same for everybody ?

Mind you, in a world stupid enough to vote for Brexit and Donald Trump,  it seems hoping for common sense is increasingly forlorn.

I have got the self titled album from A Winged Victory For The Sullen  playing in the car to try to soothe me – as large quantities of Jack Daniels would not be advisable at this time in the morning.

Any thoughts on any of the above,  anyone?