Effin’ Useless Brits.

IMG_4110.JPG I’m an hour and a half into a 7 mile journey to work, but only done a mile and a half!  I put my winter tyres on the car yesterday and  left the house early to clear the path and the car of snow.  Seemed only sensible to me;  why is that not the same for everybody ?

Mind you, in a world stupid enough to vote for Brexit and Donald Trump,  it seems hoping for common sense is increasingly forlorn.

I have got the self titled album from A Winged Victory For The Sullen  playing in the car to try to soothe me – as large quantities of Jack Daniels would not be advisable at this time in the morning.

Any thoughts on any of the above,  anyone?


RR Forgotten Follow-Ups


I wasn’t very happy with the sub-ed. changes made to my recent RR column (https://www.theguardian.com/music/2016/sep/15/readers-recommend-playlist-the-forgotten-follow-ups)  I did get a nice email from Matthew apologising for some of it, and explaining the rest. (We’ve completely hooked him now, haven’t we?)


So I figured the simplest thing to do would be to post what I wrote here. Unsurprisingly, I think it’s sharper; less flabby because it doesn’t waste time laying everything out on a plate, which Matt believes he has to do for the benefit of new or casual readers. I also particularly wanted to re-instate my third paragraph. So here it is …

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