Wilson Wednesday – Jimmie Wilson

So the Eurovision Song Contest has been and gone for another year, and Portugal have taken out the prize for the first time in their history. Congratulations to them, especially for doing it with a song fully in Portugese rather than taking the more common path of pandering to the international audiences and singing in English.

Anyway, I can’t say I religiously watched the telecast of the event, but I did catch some bits and pieces along the way, and I might have to quietly admit to enjoying it. Not so much the quality of the music, which I will tactfully say is “variable at best”, but as a spectacle it’s a bit of harmless fun and often good for a laugh. I still don’t understand what my home country is doing there though (did I miss that geography lesson at school?)

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Wilson Wednesday – the Wilson Pickers

So we return to normal programming this week, but can I just say thank you to everyone who said nice things last week. I appreciate your support and well wishes. I am doing ok, although now battling a mildish case of bronchitis – I think the stress of everything must have caught up with me.

Anyway though, onto Wilson Wednesday. The beauty of writing a column such as this one is that as well as revisiting bands in your own music collection, it can force you to explore some other music that you have been meaning to, but just haven’t got around it.

As those of you that still frequent the Guardian RR and/or the Song Bar, will know that I always enjoy a good pun and will often have a go at trying to come up with some good ones at topic’s end. Most of the time I fail, but occasionally I manage to get a gem.

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Wilson Wednesday – Michael Wilson

You need to allow me to be a bit self indulgent with this week’s Wilson Wednesday, as it has not been a regular week. My Dad passed away on April 21st, and yesterday we held his funeral service. I wanted to choose the music for the funeral, which I did. Choice one was an easy one to make – You’ll Never Walk Alone, the Gerry and the Pacemakers version. Dad liked Gerry and the Pacemakers a lot, and I have always thought that Gerry sung the best version of this song that I knew. We walked his coffin out of the chapel to this. (apologies to the Liverpudlian here who sometimes hangs around here that can’t take to Gerry at all.)

The opening song, although possibly not something I would necessarily associate with Dad, came about because of something my four year old boys said. When he was in hospital, they wanted to come in and sing him I Can Sing a Rainbow, so I thought that would make a fitting introduction to the service. I spent ages listening to different version of the song from Delta Goodrem, to Peggy Lee, to Cilla Black, but I settled on Andy Williams version.

We got Dad’s four grandkids to stand up the front. My boys know all the actions to the song, which I think represent how to say the colours in sign language, but they got a bit of stagefright and couldn’t perform on the day. That’s OK, it wasn’t an easy day.

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Wilson Wednesday – Dan Wilson


Yep, it’s that time of the week again – Wilson Wednesday, and today we look at the work of Dan Wilson. Well its Wednesday here, and if i have done my sums right it should have just ticked over to Wednesday in the UK.


Dan Wilson is the lead singer of the band Semisonic, a 90’s alternative rock band best known for this track.

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Wilson Wednesday (or maybe Thursday) – Jackie Wilson

Da, da, da, da, da, Da, da, da, da, da,

Yes, Wilson Wednesday is back, and this week its time to turn our attention to the wonderful Jackie Wilson. And it would be remiss not to begin with Van Morrison’s great tribute song.


A two time Grammy Hall of Fame member, a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Member, and included on Rolling Stone magazine’s 100 greatest artists of all-time list, Jackie is an American soul singer-songwriter and performer. He was known for this high energy performances and was a master-showman.

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Welcome to Wilson Wednesday

Welcome to Wilson Wednesday

No, no, don’t worry, the Spill hasn’t just been sponsored by an international sporting goods manufacturer, nor have we been “cast-away”. (see what I did there???)

Rather, this crazy (and regularly absent) Spill contributor from down under was browsing through his music collection the other day and got to thinking about a large number of musical “Wilsons”. The Marconium already has six solo Wilson artists, probably countless more if we include band members, and that may be the tip of the iceberg.

So, as a semi-regular series, I thought each Wednesday that I get around to it, I will showcase a “Wilson” and open up comment/debate on that Wilson. There are of course obvious Wilsons to explore, and we will, but there will also be some more obscure ones as well. Hey, I will even take requests for Wilsons, and better still, happy for anyone else to provide a write up for Wilson Wednesday – you are all so much more musically knowledgeable than I am.

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