Wilson Wednesday – Mr Wilson

Continuing my trend of trying to keep you on your toes, this week I provide a song rather than an artist, none other than Mr Wilson by John Cale.

The song is essentially a tribute to the Beach Boys Brian Wilson, from the former Velvet Underground’s John Cale. It comes from his Slow Dazzle album.

I think there are a few John Cale fans that frequent this blog, so there is nothing I could tell you about him that you don’t already know. My knowledge is quite limited – I only have the Paris 1919 album, (love that title track!)

Truthfully, this week featured track actually didn’t do a lot for me. It might be one where repeat listens are rewarded, but there wasn’t enough there to hook me into a repeat listen.

As for Mr Wilson – you never know, he might pop up on here in the future, but perhaps he is a very obvious choice for inclusion!

Over to you – what do you think of this one?

Wilson Wednesday – Al Wilson

Well, last week I promised I would be better prepared. I am here to report that I have let you all down again, and am not better prepared this week.

However, the advantage of picking a topic such as Wilson is that musically they are everywhere, and this week, I draw my inspiration from a regular contributor to the SongBar – Rachel, who posts over there by the name of Uneasy Listening.

For those who weren’t aware, Rachel is from Philadelphia, and has a weekly radio program on a community station there. Much like RR or the Song Bar, Rachel has a topic on her show and presents a playlist of songs on the theme. You can stream the show online or she posts the audio up later for those of us around the world to hear.

Here is the link, I do recommend it:


So, I was listening to her most recent show, and that is where I found this week’s Wilson hiding. So I present to you, American soul singer Al Wilson.

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Wilson Wednesday – Meri Wilson

Welcome back to Wilson Wednesday. Well last week I thought I had broken the Spill as no-one seemed that interested in Chris Wilson until Ali finally popped up and told me that the youtube links (which work fine down under) were not working in the rest of the world. So much for globalisation. Shame, I actually thought Chris might have appealed to many of you. Never mind. Its becoming more of an issue for me actually, and taking away a bit of enjoyment from RR and Song Bar. But these things happen, and usually there are alternative ways of sourcing the tracks.

Anyway, I am unprepared again this week, so lets go with some novelty double entendre this week, courtesy of Meri Wilson. I didn’t know this song or singer, but stumbled across a mention of it on a blog that I read – where they were talking innuendo songs. This track certainly fits that brief!

Sounds like it charted quite well briefly in the UK.

Will try and write something more insightful for next week.

Wilson Wednesday – Harold Wilson

Time for me to fess up – I forgot about Wilson Wednesday this week, and unlike most TV chefs, I don’t have something I prepared earlier. So here is a hurriedly cobbled together column (So, its just like your normal efforts then? – Ed)

This week, let’s look not at a Wilson musician, but rather a Wilson Song, namely Fred Eaglesmith’s Harold Wilson.


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Wilson Wednesday – Pee Wee Wilson

Welcome to Wilson Wednesday, where each week we feature a Wilson of some description. And this week, I head back to the antipodes to find you our featured artist.

Last week, over at the Guardian’s Readers Recommend, I managed to get Pairubu to B List the Delltones rendition of Get a Little Dirt on Your Hands.

So, inspired by last week’s RR, this week’s Wilson is none other than Ian “Pee Wee” Wilson from the Delltones. The Delltones are an Australian doo-wop group, that have been actively performing since the 50’s. Ironically named, “Pee Wee” is the tall guy in the group with the deep voice.

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