More ’17 Warmed-Up Leftovers

Festive ‘Spill 2017 – Ones

Festive ‘Spill, 2017 – Twos

Festive ‘Spill, 2017 – Threes

Festive ‘Spill Update

Just a reminder that we are planning to ‘Spillcast this year’s besties starting next Tuesday (Only a week away, procrastinators – you know who you are).

We can change the planned Tues, Thurs, Sat broadcast if we want to. Also, let me know in the comments what time would suit most best? It’s always fun to have a few folks listening at the same time.

Festive ‘Spill, 2017

It’s time once again to gather our favourite songs of the year for the annual festive extravaganza.

– Select your 3 best tunes of 2017 (or very late 2016) & rank them (#1 being best of of the best).

– Send your secret ballot, along with mp3’s or mp3 links to The ‘Spill jukebox does require to be fed actual mp3’s.

Within a few hours, days or a week, you should get confirmation back that your choices are entered. Vote early to avoid someone beating you to the punch on a preferred pick. Doesn’t happen much due to the power of diversity; if it does you can make a replacement.

All being well, results will be playlisted on the ‘Spill, starting Tuesday, December 19.

Can’t believe this is the 10th time we’ve done this.