Chickn – Wowsers!

I’ve mentioned Athens band Chickn before, in Sounds on Sunday, when they released their eponymous first album (October 2016). It’s a fabulous album, very proggy, check it out if you haven’t done so already.

Wowsers! is their second album, released on 11 May and you can listen to it here on Bandcamp. For me, it didn’t have the instant appeal of the first album, being more jangly, if that’s a thing, but by the time track 4 came around (I Cry Diamonds) I was hooked. I particularly like China Must Win, too.

Bandcamp describe the album thus: “It consists of 9 acid glam elegies that ooze with West-Coast vibes blended with proto-punk explosions, unfolding their agitated collective psyche.” I can’t put it any better; I think it’s perfect for a summer evening and I can imagine chilling out at a festival somewhere, listening to it live.

Take some time out and give it a listen, the band is particularly interested in feedback from the UK, so comments would be very welcome.

Tour Dates:
Wed 9 May Ypogeio Thessaloniki Greece
Thu 10 May AgoraBar Koumanovo FYROM
Fri 11 May HammamBar Pristina Kosovo
Sat 12 May CityStage Sofia Bulgaria
Tue 15 May Kultstätte KELLER Berlin Germany
Wed 16 May TraumaBar Marburg Germany
Thu 17 May Ritus Düsseldorf Germany
Fri 18 May TheWE Fes Maastricht, Netherlands
Sat 19 May Brussels Belgium
Sun 20 May WhiteNat/WhiteHeat Fes Nantes France
Wed 23 May Kalvingrad Geneva Switzerland
Sat 26 May El-Lokal Zurich Switzerland
Sat 9 June Gagarin205 Athens Greece





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