Wow! Where Did The First Half Of 2019 Go?

It may be an age thing but the years seem to fly by; it’s as if it were just yesterday and we were commenting on The Festive Spill selections!

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Favourite Albums – 2018 (No Turkeys)


For those that want some respite from left-over turkey, mince pies and possibly relatives but haven’t over indulged in this year’s Festive Spill and still have an appetite for yet another Best of … list of 2018’s music here’s a playlist of some of the music that’s been tickling my fancy.

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Ten Tracks : BJM Radio


Anyone here use Pandora?  No, me neither. It does seem to be the streaming service of choice in my neck of the woods, or it has been for a few jobs i’ve worked. Apparently one way to use it is to choose an artist, and it will set up a playlist stream “radio station” of the artist, influences, related artists, and influencees. So – ie. Grateful Dead Radio or White Stripes Radio.

When i manage to shanghai the tunes, my go-to choice is the Brian Jonestown Massacre Radio station. (Even I can only take an hour or so of Jack White).  BJM’s Anton Newcombe has his finger in an awful lot of pies, and so there’s plenty of 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon to make a varied stream that i can listen to for 6 hours straight without disliking a single tune. They play plenty of Bowie, Stones, Iggy, VU, Sonics, 13th Flr Elevators, etc.  Also Radiohead, Cure, Pixies, Sonic Youth, Stone Roses, Beck, and then artists like Ty Segall, Tame Impala, Thee Oh Sees, Allah-Las, the Hives, and Black Lips that show up on my playlists with some regularity, so for the most part i left these off of the lists.

To knock all of this down, i took Prof. Abahachi’s idea of an A and a B list. Tossed a bunch of tunes on the A-list (below) to get them out of the way, so i can focus on the B-list (above).

I suspect this is marmite stuff. If you already like this sort of thing, you’ll know a lot of them and might find a band or two that you don’t. If it’s not your basket of cookies, i don’t know that i’ll convince you. If you’re curious – there’s a (woefully insufficient) A-list for starters, and then a B-list.


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‘Spillin’ The Beans – 2017 in sound – Week Three

Finally, time to put you all out of your misery with my third playlist of music I have enjoyed in 2017. Without further ado, well after the obligatory cute Festive image, the music will follow. Continue reading

‘Spillin’ The Beans – 2017 in sound – Week Two

Hello Pop Pickers, here is my second playlist of 2017 choons. Six more tracks that I’ve heard and enjoyed in 2017. Continue reading