Sounds on Sunday 53

Good morning, I hope those of you in the UK have remembered to put your clocks back. Confuses the hell out of me every time. Anyway, here are some more sounds to brighten your Sunday, whatever time it is. Many thanks to all contributors.

Hate Drugs – Isotope: from their recently released album Tsunami Soul II. “Central California-based HATE DRUGS was founded in the summer of 2014 by David Caploe with the release of the EP, Rough Daze. The other members (Josiah Caploe, Norman Lee, Adrian Diaz and John Irwin IV) joined the band shortly after and together released two more EPs, Anna Grahm (2015) and Beach Weekend (2016), which garnered hundreds of thousands of online listens. After a few West Coast tours, the band started production on their debut album in late 2016.”

Fond of Rudy – To Be Mine: “Brighton/London based indie-pop quartet Fond of Rudy continue to work their craft and display a musical versatility with new single To Be Mine. In contrast to the group’s previous offering ‘L O V E’, a sweetened downtempo cut of reflection and vulnerability, the track is a shorter but still sweet pop package of driving rhythms and memorable hooks. To support the release the band will play a number of dates scattered around the UK in the next two months with gigs in Brighton, London, Liverpool and Manchester.”

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Sounds on Sunday 52

Happy first birthday to Sounds on Sunday. I can’t honestly say that it has swayed the nation towards a new enthusiasm for exploring more eclectic music, but I hope it has been useful in giving a few new artists some exposure. I’ve certainly enjoyed listening to (most) of the music and I’d like to say “thank you” to all those promoters and artists who have been eager to share their work. Here’s this week’s selection for your enjoyment.

Toledo – On My Own: “When Jordan Dunn-Pilz and Daniel Alvarez de Toledo were just small lads, they started playing guitar in the nearby town to attract listeners. Now, the two seasoned musicians are gigging and giggling their way to success with their new band TOLEDO. With a blend of traditional and modern sounds, TOLEDO is an indie-pop, sailor-shanty, pirate-rock band from Boston, MA. Collaborating with visual artists and animators, the band is a multifaceted machine.” Video here.

Emme – Wander: “Austin-based duo Emme‘s Wander … is a meditation on memory, asking what fills the cognitive void that comes from a lost relationship, while pondering the phenomenon of re-connection. Formed in 2016 after years of friendship and late night music nerd-out sessions, Emme is the indie-electro project of Sowmya Somanath and Walter Nichols. Having come up in both eastern and western classical music traditions, Somanath and Nichols balance their musical knowledge with their artistic intuition, resulting in a unique take on a pop duo.”

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Sounds on Sunday 51

More sounds to brighten your Sunday; I hope you find something to enjoy. Many thanks to all contributors. Comments welcome!

Garbanotas Bosistas – Last Summers Day: Lithuanian psych-rock quartet … from the band’s forthcoming second album (due December). “The music of Garbanotas Bosistas makes people happy everywhere it goes – from the courtyards of Lithuania to the forests of Latvia, from the business districts of Estonia to the homeland of The Beatles, passing the mountains of the Balkans and conquering the lands of the Vikings. Every show witnesses the miracle of dreamy neo-kraut- psychedelic flowers growing out of the amplifiers, and the bassist is still curly. Yes, Garbanotas Bosistas means just that: a curly bass player.”

Bo Haan – Playboy (We’re All In Love): “Haan appears to have found his niche audience and has had continued success with his formula of infectious grooves, catchy hooks, and polyamorous musings. His latest album, Bedroom Amateur, (was) released on October 10th. It continues Bo’s trending stylistic pull toward electro-funk and dance, with an immediate pop appeal. The album’s first single, “Playboy (We’re All In Love)”, is an infectious stunner with suave brass spurts, funky rhythms, and a Michael Jackson-esque vocal pull. The track will be followed up with a music video this fall.”

Rookes – The Heel of my Hand: “Premiered by Variance Magazine, “The Heel Of My Hand” was released via all-female record label Seahorse Music (Bryde, Little Rêd). It’s a song of brooding heartbreak delivered with a distinctive pop edge, inspired by Flock Of Dimes, St. Vincent and Annie Lennox. As well as being a well-practiced live performer and songwriter, Rookes (aka Jenny Bulcraig) also happens to be a featured interviewee on BBC’s Queer Britain.”

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Sounds on Sunday 50

More sounds to brighten your Sunday; I hope you find something to enjoy. Many thanks to all contributors. Comments welcome!

Valipala – Mongolian Afternoon: New single from NYC-based five-piece Valipala. “In May or thereabouts, the five-piece got together to record their forthcoming 6-track release Mango City … “This record has been a true labor of love. It’s the culmination of 4 years of not just work but life – breakups and breakdowns, packed bags and packed venues, lost sleep and lost shoes,” Aviv says. “All of that resulted into some epic funk. Over the last few months, we’ve put everything we had into Mango City.””

Chief Perch – Jupiter: Jupiter is a funky, electronic preview of their forthcoming debut album, Shoulda Coulda Woulda. An Austin band endorsing the future of music, Chief Perch is constantly pushing limits. Their robust horn section, intoxicating male and female vocalists, tight rhythm section, and unique blend of classic funk rhythms and modern electronic sounds present a never-before-heard genre of music … Jupiter is a funky, multi-dimensional track complimented by lead singer, Ariel Herrera’s sweet soulful vocals.”

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Sounds on Sunday 49

More new sounds for you this Sunday morning. Please have a listen, and feel free to comment below. Many thanks to all contributors.

Silver Liz – Him:Him is a track from Chicago-based Silver Liz, showcasing a shoegaze-y vignette that captures the feelings of existential weight and blissful nausea experienced during an unexpected ~love at first sight~ encounter … Carrie Wagner’s ethereal wistful vocals are encapsulated by lush layers of pulsating guitars. The unpredictable chord progressions that cycle through different keys convey the emotional highs and lows of being in love. The song is stalled by a sinking cadence as the lyric “I can feel the weight” tapers off. It then bursts into a reprise of the first section driven by a piercing guitar melody and colossal drums that were recorded in the balcony of a Chicago cathedral.”

The Sound of Ghosts – Train to Nowhere: “Americana roots musical collective hailing from Los Angeles, California. The five-piece collective of accomplished musicians have crafted a musical experience unlike any other with their unique arrangements and vast variety of influences. (They are) James Orbison (vocals, bass), Anna Orbison (vocals, ukulele), Ernesto Rivas (lead guitar), Phoebe Silva (fiddle) and Jon Sarna (drums). The Sound of Ghosts formed in memory of the band’s friend Dave Lamb, who passed away too soon from Leukaemia. Lamb headed an acclaimed band ‘Brown Bird’ with his wife … “The Sound of Ghosts” (was) the title of Brown Bird’s first album.”

Miles Dismond – All to Myself: … “an artist out of Berkeley, CA, whose sound sits somewhere between the lo-fi psych-pop of Ariel Pink and hazy psychedelia of Lonerism-era Tame Impala. The DIY singer/songwriter, who records all instruments and vocals at home, was nominated this past April by The Deli Magazine for San Francisco’s Best New Artist, where he finished second. “I started working on this project in April,” Miles explains. “I recorded everything at home and did all the mixing and mastering as well.””

The Max Tribe – Yellow Pages: From their new LP, Retrofit – “To retrofit is take something old, something used and revitalize it with the addition of modern parts – a fitting reference for a band whose classic rock influences are easily heard, but melded into a blend of modern psych-blues with a touch of soul. Retrofit was recorded at 1867 Studios in Boston, a massive building that once served as a Masonic Temple but now houses the collection of vintage recording equipment that lent itself well to The Max Tribe’s philosophy of respecting vintage methods of recording, but ultimately reinterpreting them.”

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