RR Films: Narcissism

Maybe the idea was sparked by yet another of Bliar’s attempts to turn the political spotlight in his direction, or maybe it was the continuous parade of grinning hypocrites asking for our votes, but narcissism is all around us. Even I – long averse to even owning a smartphone – have to confess to taking a selfie….

Actors may be particularly prone to the disease but perhaps that also makes them better able to portray it on screen, like Cate Blanchett in Woody Allen’s last decent film, Blue Jasmine:

What films about/involving narcissism would you recommend?

RR Films: Leadership

With the people of Turkey apparently voting for Christmas, er, a great and wise leader, with Vlad already established as such and with Donny trying to get into the club by dropping bombs all over the place, the human race seems to have regressed to childhood and decided Daddy knows best. Even if he is an aggressive, misogynistic, egotistical arsehole…..

I hope we all agree that leadership should be about more than strength and control, so let’s have some films that prove it. I’ll kick off with Selma, which contains three examples: George Wallace’s divisive machinations; LBJ’s canny pragmatism; and MLK’s inspirational conviction.

What films about Leadership would you recommend?

RR Films: Journalism

It’s Good News Week….is the top title listed in RRSA Journalism. Unfortunately that seems rarely to be the case at the moment, or maybe it’s that journalism doesn’t look very far from the obvious anymore. (I may have to look for a news story for a topic in future, rather than vice-versa.)

Plenty of films about hacks and noble truth-seekers to pick from. I’ll go for a classic, Cary Grant and Rosalind Russell (et al) whipping each other with their sharp tongues in His Girl Friday.

What films about journalism would you recommend?

Haiku – ‘Spill Challenge


A traditional Japanese Haiku is a seventeen-syllable poem of three lines, five syllables/ seven syllables/ five syllables. It usually evokes nature in some way, for example the changing seasons. The art of haiku began in 9th-12th century Japan in the form of a Tanka, which was a progressive poem. The first person would write the beginning with a 5/7/5 structure; the next would add to it with a 7/7 structure. You can read more at: 

Anyway, I thought it might make an amusing ‘Spill challenge if I started off with a 5/7/5 verse, and you lot carried it on – if you can keep to the 5/7/5 – 7/7 – 5/7/5 – 7/7 etc.  structure, that would be great, but if not just have a go anyway – you don’t have to stick with nature, you could have music, art, sausages … anything you like, funny, poignant, surreal …  and for extra ‘Spill points, if you can think of a song written in, or about haiku, that would be grand. Here’s your starter:

Bloggers turn poets / Like unexpected snowfall / Shimmering and bright


RR Films: Fathers, Mothers and Children

This week’s topic is based on local news. Very local: I’m going to see Bob Mortimer tonight with my son.

Not headline stuff, I agree, but I’m pleased that we share a sense of humour and get on pretty well. But in the movies that isn’t always the case…though things often turn out well in the end. Similarly with mothers and daughters.

You get three RR topics to play with for films about parent/child relationships. I’ll kick off with Nebraska, with Bruce Dern in fine ornery mood:

What films about mothers and daughters and fathers and sons would you recommend?

RR Films: Money

Today sees the introduction of the new 12-sided £1 coin, so let’s have a look for films about the stuff that, it is said, makes the world go round and yet also brings evil to its lovers.

Many films cover the subject of making money – and we have covered Greed before – but I’m more interested here in stories where the money itself is the issue (because, say, its sudden loss or gain changes the dynamics of a relationship). As in 1998’s A Simple Plan, where the discovery of a big bag of greenbacks leads to a whole heap of trouble.

What films about money would you recommend?

RR Films: Work

I was tempted go go with ‘Happiness’ as this week’s topic, as yesterday was the United Nations’ International Day of Happiness, but I couldn’t bring too many films to mind*. Instead, as more stories surface of restaurants not paying the minimum wage and self-employed drivers being charged for being unable to work, this week I’m looking for films set in and around the workplace.

Compliance was my first thought – and the tyranny of fast food management is still very much with us – but instead I’ll look back to happier times, when complete incompetence was no great barrier to earning a crust, and kick off with Clerks, Kevin Smith’s only good film (discuss?)……

What films about work would you recommend?

*Or, if you prefer, films about happiness.