Spill Awards 2017: The Results

Scene: an empty stage, lit by a single old-fashioned filament bulb without a shade, which every so often flickers balefully. Is this a clumsy metaphor for what the Oscars will look like when all the women boycott them and all the men have been disgraced? No, it’s the empty stage of my mind. I can’t go on. I must go on, or this will never happen. I can’t go on. Go on. Go on go on. Go on go on go on go on go on.

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Songs to Describe 2003


What songs describe the world and its events in 2003? You can suggest songs that describe how life was for you personally as well as the wider political, social and cultural ramifications arising from that year.

If the response is positive, I’ll do this on RR as an occasional theme but without the personal bit. And anyone is welcome to run with the idea if they want to use the idea for RR or SB.

nilpferd mentioned enjoying the reminiscing themes and I enjoy them because discussion opens up. And, to be clear, songs don’t have to be from 2003.

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You Don’t Have to Know Me

I have a lot of favourite songs that I have never recommended. There are lots of artists whose music I like but have never recommended. And there are a few I have mentioned once and then forgotten or ignored because I have no idea about the lyrics or that perfect theme was long ago or they were a bit crap but I loved them anyway…

Some of these artists were at their peak long ago. Some will be popular in the futureif Faroese folktronica ever becomes a thing.

And I added three songs from one album just to give you more of an idea about the artist.

What unfairly neglected artists do you have on your shelves?

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Happy New Year to one and all. I was so happy to welcome 2018 in yesterday.

In 2017 I liked music that mixed genres and had honest, heartfelt lyrics. You’ll find a random selection below. What have you been listening to?

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Instrumentals 2017

On the occasions I’ve done RR this year, I’ve produced an instrumental playlist to go alongside the A & B lists.  I’ve been collecting instrumental tracks from this year and thought I’d share it here in the same vein.  There are only a couple that contain some lyrical content – but it’s marginal.  I couldn’t find all the tracks on YouTube (but the full list is intact on Spotify), so I’ve had to skip some or swap them for something else by the same artist.

What else have I missed?