Are you feeling horny?

Looking for a YT video link for one of my song recommendations this week, I spotted a familiar face looking back at me from the ‘Up Next’ sidebar. What I stumbled across has really grabbed me. Not Linda’s vocal (which IS great, but is she possibly losing a bit of control aiming for all that power?), nor Sam’s brief contribution (I’m assuming he’s now too old for the Boy Wonder tag?), but man, do those horns sound good down there or what?! Enjoy.

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The Wheel of Your Tune

Late again…today I put it down to spending the best part of 6 hours yesterday evening at the local gin festival….ooh my poor head.

This little series has been going for a while now and after this week there are only 2 more letters of the alphabet to go.  My question to you ‘Spillers is this: do you want me to carry on with TWOYT in a slightly different format (e.g. I choose A23 and you choose the 23rd track you own by any artist beginning with A or the 23rd track in your collection that starts with A)?  Or shall I think of something new for Saturday mornings?  Or does someone else have something they’d like to do on a Saturday morning (to be fair, you are probably all sick of me at the start of your weekend).

Let me know what you reckon.

To this week…

The Wheel of Your Tune works like this; I metaphorically turn my spinning top to reveal a random letter and number. The letter relates to an artist or the name of an album in my collection and the number relates to the track by that artist or on that album. This week’s spin landed on X1.

How can I not choose X-Ray Spex – Oh Bondage! Up Yours! the first track from their album Germfree Adolescents.

What’s your X1?


I recall that at some point within the last couple of years I posted “The Sidewinder” by Lee Morgan, it was a huge jazz hit in the US in 1963, you all responded nicely, it got a good reception. Lee Morgan was a NY jazz trumpeter who was very highly thought of, he was like the new Charlie Parker of the modern jazz movement. I just checked my postings and it doesn’t show so perhaps I posted it in Earworms or somesuch, no matter. The reason I mention this is because last night I saw a wonderful film titled “I called him Morgan”, it was on Netflix. It cleared up something that has bothered me most of my life, why did his wife who loved him dearly shoot and kill him with a revolver in a NY jazz club? A large part of the film comprises an interview with his wife. A beautiful film that everyone should see, there an excellent review at the LA Times. Sadly youtube doesn’t seem to have it though they do have pages of his music video. Look for it if you don’t have Netflix.

My love affair with Joni Mitchell.

I hope there’s some Joni Mitchell fans hereabout; I’m going through my second infatuation of her, the first was about 40 odd years ago. I’m re-playing all my Joni videos. I Just played Shadows and Light, possibly one of the best concert videos ever, she’s backed with a great jazz group: it was recorded in 1979 at the Santa Barbara Bowl. I suspect that some must have seen it, if not it’s at youtube, Here it is.
Pat Metheny – lead guitar
Jaco Pastorius – fretless bass (Fender Jazz)
Don Alias – drums, percussion
Lyle Mays – electric piano (Rhodes), synthesizer (Oberheim FVS-1)
Michael Brecker – saxophones
The Persuasions
A fabulous band!

Luke’s Label Lowdown #3 – ГОСТ ЗВУК (Gost Zvuk) Records

Gost Zvuk

I always feel a bit hesitant writing about dance music because I feel like I don’t know enough about it to talk about it with any insight or authority. This is true, but I do listen to quite a lot of it and have a fair few dance/electronica records in my collection, even if the kind of dance music that I like is not the kind of dance music that you can actually dance to!

I haven’t been able to find out much about this label, but Gost Zvuk are a reasonably new label from Russia that put out minimal techno with a strong DIY approach and ethic. I think they have only put out about 7 or 8 releases so far (a combination of 12″s and full albums) and the information online is kind of scrappy (one website claims that Gost Zvuk means ‘Ghost Sounds’, which sounds reasonable to me, but another said that it translates as ‘state standards for sound’….which seems unlikely somehow, but could also be true) and incomplete.

Like a lot of new records that I buy, I got into Gost Zvuk just through reading the description of their first 12″ on the card in the record shop and being attracted to the aesthetic of the presentation. The stark plain black sleeves and hand-stamped labels of the first few white labels were all in Cyrillic alphabet with no concessions to an audience outside Russia, which instantly appealed to my sense of curiosity and the indie elitist in me!

I have no idea who or what I’m listening to as it is all written in Cyrillic, but I like the DIY sound, the minimal beats, and the excursions into dance music’s past that lurches between deep house, experimental drone, and ethereal soundscapes that manage to sound at once retro and forward-looking.

Here’s the playlist which may or may not contain tracks by Lapti, Buttechno (who I think is the same person as Lapti), AEM Rhythm Cascade, OL, Alekski Nikitin, Nocow and Piper Spray: