Ten Tracks – Pete Shelley

electric-guitar-guitar-instrument-92069 (2)

I wasn’t going to. Then I was. Now I have. This isn’t definitive or anything like a “best of” but it does span his career, albeit with large gaps. It’s a Youtube list as I don’t have some of the later ones on my PC and I am in any case hopeless at creating a player thingy.

Still can’t find the right words to say about him. Just can’t.

Do chip in with favourites you think should have been included.

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Cryptic Christmas Quiz

Hi All


I know I have been virtually completely absent from both here and the Song Bar for most of 2018. I would like to say that is down to one factor and once that is out the way, I will be back in force, but that doesn’t seem to be the case at the moment, although  I do still live in hope that I can incorporate these things in my 2019 routine. Rest assured though, I do think of you guys often and hope that everyone is doing really well.

Anyway, thought I would post a bit of a quiz for you all. I have always struggled with cryptic crosswords, but one of these days I would love to make it my mission to succeed with them. With that knowledge in mind, you need to be aware that if you can’t do a cryptic puzzle, there is a fair chance you can’t create one either. So don’t expect New York Times style clues here, more like ramshackle clues of dubious quality.

I did copy the concept from another blog I have also been very absent from, hahaha…although all the clues are mine (hence the dubious quality)


But…..can you guess the following Christmas themed tracks and artists from the clues provided:

1/ Almost a merry old soul, but he needs a multiple cover for his saw points.

2/ Mythical festive creature is not Shakin’

3/ Dick is close to the edge. At Christmas time, he’s under it with the juice of grapes.

4/ Ill travelling Jobs are locked up this sad festive season.

5/ Miniature Santa is by the ocean with the lads.

6/ Multiple servers provide festive themed paper

7/ Catwoman and infant Kringle

8/Throw a soft fruit to implore speed from a famous ballet dancer

9/ Brady steers around hard mineral,  but is saved by advertising music

10/ Honest Grace channels Europe for a festive, rather than final, time.


I will post solutions eventually once people have had a chance to ponder them…..

Subscription due

Hi all – I’ve received notification that our subscription is due on 1st Jan and WordPress will auto collect the £85 from my account at that point.

Is everyone up for continuing? – I hope yes, despite it having been a quieter year. Last year Carole collected contributions from those of you who could donate something towards the fee. We could do that again. Let me know what you think…


Screen Shot 2018-12-03 at 19.55.50


Festive ‘Spill, 2018

Shall we? Why not?

It is time, once again, to gather our songs of the year for the Festive season.

Select your 3 best tunes of 2018 (or very late 2017) & rank them 3, 2 & 1.

Send your choices to shoemail@cfl.rr.com

Actual mp3’s are required, as streaming is for trout. Send mp3 links with your e-mail (works best) or attach each mp3 to a separate e-mail (help’s avoid large mail files getting stuck/lost in limbo).

At some point, you should get confirmation back that your choices are received. Vote early to get your choice in first. If you pick a duplicate you can make a replacement.

‘Spill broadcast of what we end up with will start on Tuesday, December 18.


You probably all have a basic understanding go what happened in Munich in 1938, Robert Harris has written a fictional book that fills in all the details. Who was involved and all the trivial details re. Who said what to who, the decor and furniture at 10 Downing St plus similar for what was happening in Berlin. It culminates of course with the actual encounter in Munich of Chamberlin and Hitler. Fictional history but of a high order. I’m currently reading ‘Munich’ by Robt Harris,  I chose this because I recently read ‘A Gentleman and a Spy’, also by Harris, it’s the story of the Dreyfuss affair. Both recommended to all who enjoy historical novels.

We now look forward to a Democrat controlled Congress, it should be more interesting than the last 2 years.

Let me include a non-musical note here that might be useful for spillers. For several weeks I’ve been trying to create a couple of posts for the ‘Top 10’ theme, whenever I tried to upload and insert tunes I got a message ‘For security reasons this format isn’t allowed’, in every case the cuts were mp3’s or m4a’s, both on the acceptable list. I finally gave up.

But at the WordPress site I noticed an item, there was a weekly meeting close to where I live sponsored by WordPress, it was for the benefit of users with problems or new users. The feature is called WordPress Wednesdays- see if it’s listed for your area.

When I showed my WordPress attempts to the guy in charge he noticed that I had omitted the dot from .mp3! That’s all it took to be rejected for ‘security’ reasons.

This happened because I copied and pasted all my cuts from my iTunes library and I guess I wasn’t precise enough in copying them.

Everything’s working  OK now and I have several ideas for playlists.


Last week we had a taste of some ‘foreign’ sax and it was well received, so I did a quick scan through my iTunes and came up with these. I know there’s many ‘giants’ missing and there’s some repetition but it was a quick selection from a lot of ‘favorites’ folders. Just a note re.the various types of sax, the most common ones used are the soprano, the alto, the tenor and the baritone, I’ll list who plays what on this playlist.

They’re all favorites and I can’t narrow ‘em down any further. As usual Woordpress is acting silly, this week they’re randomly inserting the word ‘amp’ into the titles, can’t get rid of it.

Sonny Stitt – Alto & Tenor.

Lester Young – Tenor

Benny Carter, Alto [and trumpet]

Coleman Hawkins – tenor

Lockjaw Davis – tenor

Charlie Parker – alto

Bechet- soprano

Zoot Sims – tenor

Don Byas – tenor

Paul Desmond – alto

Gerry Mulligan – baritone

Johnny Hodges – alto & soprano

Art Pepper – alto

Ben Webster – tenor

Cannonball – alto

Sonny Rollins – tenor

John Coltrane – tenor.