‘Spillin’ The Beans – “Divination” by Emerald Suspension.

Emerald Suspension are definitely not going to be to everyone’s taste, but what they do is definitely going to appeal to people who like their music from somewhere Out There.

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New kids on the block…

I have to admit I don’t really keep up with mainstream pop, but I am very taken with the new twist on chamber pop from Clean Bandit, and find myself surprised to be posting about a group at No.1 in the singles chart (though I’m posting another song of theirs). And their videos are wonderful things in their own right. The Grauniad today mentions two other new-to-me artists, George Ezra, and Angel Olsen, that equally impressed. I love discovering new stuff. Hope you like too.

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Spill Challenge #Whatever – New Stuff

Hmm, looked in here to check on this week’s Spill Challenge and there wasn’t one. So this is a quickie well over a day late and a few dollars short, but better late than never maybe.

We all listen to new (to us) stuff i would imagine, that we’d like to share, but it doesn’t quite fit into an RR topic or a Spill challenge, or quite work for an earworm.

So this week’s challenge – What are you listening to now that you’d like to share with others?

Apologies in advance for being a bad host this week, probably won’t get back to check in here regularly.

Oops – forgot to name mine above – Vieux Farka Toure from The Secret – this cut with Derek Trucks. Two world class geetar masters who keep the egos beautifully in check.