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19 thoughts on “Manual

  1. So that leaves just the one about sizing pics and putting them in comments. I’m sure there are other areas that people might like to do but that’s the limit on what I’ve been able to work out. Last set of instructions should be ready by the end of January.

    • No surveys, no scams, to piyamrd schemes, no eBooks that promise buttloads of cash.I’m trying to find something fun to do that takes advantage of my skills. I know HTML, and some Java, PHP, and CSS. I’m a graphic artist, I use to draw comics, I’m also very crafty, I paint, I sculpt, etc .I’m just all around creativey ish.Can anyone think of any good ideas on how to make money online? New, innovative, clever ways? Not the same old same old? I’ve seen people make 60k a year advertising companies by wearing their shirts (, I’ve seen people make money with myspace layouts (, I’ve seen people make money with avatar generators (, etc. So ANY ideas?Please try to be helpful! I’d like to get at least one promising response among the horde of spambots I’m bound to get for asking this question I’d like to make at least 40-80$ a day doing whatever is suggested, can anyone give me some precise suggestions instead of general ones?lol already spambots T_TFor those spamming me with scams I’m not a bloody moron!

  2. Some very cheering songs posted already, mine, today, is
    “Painting Box” by the Incredible String Band

    It’s the lovely lilting tune and the sentiment and even the cover of the album which makes me smile broadly.

  3. Do we need to update these, Blimpy? Youtube posting, for example, is now much easier. Also i never got round to the one on sizing pix and stuff. I’ve got a bit of free time coming up so I’ll have a look at editing the existing ones and maybe providing the promised third instalment.

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  6. Copying Ali’s instructions for the 2014 version:

    When you’re creating a new post, save the draft and put the cursor where you want to insert the playlist. Click the “Add Media” tab. In “Insert Media” click “upload files” and upload your mp3s. Make sure they are all selected, and then in the bottom right of the screen click “create a new playlist”. “Edit audio playlist” pops up and this allows you to reorder the tracks if necessary. When you’re happy with the order, go to the bottom right of the screen again and click “insert audio playlist”. The playlist will show up in your post something like [“55498,55499,55500”] etc. Save the draft and preview it to make sure you’re happy with the list.

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