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Wasn’t able to play RR last week. Here’s what might have dropped.

My love affair with Joni Mitchell.

I hope there’s some Joni Mitchell fans hereabout; I’m going through my second infatuation of her, the first was about 40 odd years ago. I’m re-playing all my Joni videos. I Just played Shadows and Light, possibly one of the best concert videos ever, she’s backed with a great jazz group: it was recorded in 1979 at the Santa Barbara Bowl. I suspect that some must have seen it, if not it’s at youtube, Here it is.
Pat Metheny – lead guitar
Jaco Pastorius – fretless bass (Fender Jazz)
Don Alias – drums, percussion
Lyle Mays – electric piano (Rhodes), synthesizer (Oberheim FVS-1)
Michael Brecker – saxophones
The Persuasions
A fabulous band!

RR Films: Space

Cassini is celebrating the end of its 20-year sojourn to Saturn by getting a good snort of the atmosphere. Cheers!

Space used to be a fantastic wonderland, where the scant detail we had about it enabled imaginations to run wild and early films didn’t have to worry about the practicalities of distance, radiation, gravity and so on. But that has changed in recent decades as technology has allowed us to see, sample and even sniff worlds far, far away. Hell, we’ve even put actual people on the moon…..!

So I’m looking for films set in space this week. Plenty of classic sci-fi to choose from – and even a few ‘real’ space films now – but I’d like your picks of those that still seem plausible, given what we have learnt over the last 70 years. I’m choosing Duncan Jones’ debut, Moon. It’s a two-hander featuring Sam Rockwell and Kevin Spacey, -ish. Enjoyably perception-twisting.

What films set in space would you recommend?

‘Spillin’ The Beans – El Ten Eleven x Emile Mosseri “Unusable Love: A Vocal Collaboration”

This weeks; beans are being ‘spilled on the forthcoming EP by El Ten Eleven (featuring Emile Mosseri), entitled “Unusable Love” and described as “A vocal collaboration”.


Here at the ‘Spill we’ve had a private preview of the music, which is due for release on 18th August and Continue reading

Earworms 14 August 2017

Earworms has a lot of things going on at the moment so apologies for the brevity of this post. We’re also running rather short of worms, so if you have one you’d like to share, please send an .mp3 or link to And if anyone would like to take over the worms or suggest some way of breathing life back into them, that would be much appreciated. Many thanks to all contributors.

Neeraj Arya/ Kabir Cafe- Fakiri – Ravi Raman: A group of youngsters who have been brought together by their love of the Sufi poet Kabir. They say they are on a mission to spread his message of brotherhood and peace. Fakiri means a self sufficient, or ascetic, person. Lyrics and translation:

Joe Satriani – Flying In A Blue Dream – Ravi Raman: From the first G3 concert which had the best of the lineups, Steve Vai and Eric Johnson. Rocking guitars!

The 1975 – She’s American – tincanman: Young man meets an American girl preoccupied with his teeth.

Coco Hames – I Don’t Wanna Go – tincanman: Blondie meets Ramones? I wish people still made songs like this – and that she’d made more than one of them on this year’s self-titled solo debut.

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Sounds on Sunday 42

Right on time this week with another collection of new sounds for you. Hope you find something to enjoy; please let us have your thoughts, below. Many thanks to all contributors.

Jaws of Love – Love Me Like I’m Gone: Further to last week’s Sounds on Sunday, this is the second offering from the upcoming debut album ‘Tasha Sits Close to the Piano’, which is set for release via K-Rizzla/House Arrest digitally on 22nd September, with its gatefold coloured vinyl release available in the UK on 3rd November.

Tom Speight – The River: Tom Speight has battled Crohn’s Disease, like my son; hence my interest. This is from his EP “My My My”, and it’s rather good. You can read more here, including his UK tour dates in November.

Nick Schott – Shadows of Fire: “Nick Schott started playing guitar at age 13, focused on classical guitar from ages 17-21, and then began singing and songwriting from 21-24 (current age). Alongside Nick, drummer Stephen Cabebe, bassist Ian Earley, and keyboardist Francis Salamanca recorded the recently released 10-song album, Shadows of Fire, in four days (vocals on two separate days). The release’s theme centres around desire and individualism, with fire as driving symbolism.”

Danke Shane – Cave In: Danke Shane is the solo project of 25-year-old pop musician Andrew Burke from Washington, DC. Growing up studying classical piano and music composition, Burke draws from a wide range of influences … Danke Shane’s music offers an eclectic and slightly experimental approach to electro indie music. On his latest EP – now on Spotify … a unique sound … tinged with melancholy influenced in part by his experience working in the political sphere over the past two years.”

Four Star Riot – Oxygen: “Glossy power pop jam” released on 4 August, available on Spotify and Apple.

Brika – Just Wanna Be Single: Brika’s latest song “Just Wanna Be Single” … “a chill, alt-pop jam from her upcoming EP. The track is co-written/produced by R&B singer-songwriter and producer Shy Girls with Grammy-award winning producer Julio Reyes Copello.”

JIANT – I Really Don’t Know What I’m Running From: Duo from the Scottish Highlands. Ambient. This is all I know.

Papyllon – Seventeen, Baby: Papyllon is a young band from Prešov, Slovakia. “We´re kinda like black sheep on the scene, a four-piece: a natural shredder, a drummer, a singer, and a misanthrope. Our history began sometime in the fall of 2010. Since then, we’ve played any genre that the critics and fans could come up with. We come from a relatively small town of Prešov, in a relatively small country of Slovakia, so we´re relatively humble but somewhere deep inside, every one of us wants to sell out and buy a roadster. Our mutual goal is to be idolized sometime in the future, just like motivation speakers or cat videos.””

James Walker – Weathered: English singer-songwriter from Brighton, this is the second single from his upcoming album, “English Bones”. Currently on a 35 date European tour, here are the UK dates: 17/08 – Sofar Sounds, Oxford; 18/08 – House Concert, Hemel Hempstead; 19/08 – House Concert, Reading; 20/08 – Unplugged by the Sea, Sheringham; 21/08 – Three Minute Theatre, Manchester; 23/08 – The Tasting House, Reading; 24/08 – Caffeine & Cocktails, Reading; 25/08 – House Concert, Goring Heath; 29/08 – House Concert, Reading; 30/08 – Latest Music Bar, Brighton; 31/08 – The Library, Oxford.

Deborah Henriksson – Summer Roads: Lead single from … “Sweden-based artist who is releasing her latest album “Near and Far” in August. Deborah defines herself as a singer/songwriter of crossover styles including Celtic, folk, country, ambient and pop. In 2016, she was awarded a prize at the Swedish Folk at Heart Festival, which contributed towards the making of this new album.”

Gnarsh – The Rise of Slime: “Gnarsh’s “The Rise of Slime” … is a soulful, psych-friendly rocker that merges classic nostalgia with contemporary charm … Gnarsh is a basement bedroom recording project by Glennon Williams in St. Louis, Missouri. The aim of Gnarsh’s music is to make people smile, tap their foot, and scratch their heads. In “The Rise of Slime,” Glennon recorded his friend’s dogs barking and howling to include in the track. “I also went out a country lake with a dock, and had my girlfriend record me rocking the dock as well as playing a mad ship captain,” he explains.

Victors – Turn Out The Lights: “VICTORS is a 4 piece Pop/Electronic band from Leeds officially formed in early 2016. The band consists of: Harry Waterhouse (Lead Singer / Guitar / Synth), Simon Appleson (Guitar / Synth / Backing Vocals), Dominic Brooks (Bass Guitar / Synth) and Matthew Gillen (Drums / Sample Pad). Since releasing their debut single, Victors have accumulated over 1,000,000 streams on Spotify.”

Rainbrother – Fat Eggs: Danish, dream-folk five piece Rainbrother have just been back in the UK, sorry I missed promoting their tour dates, but thought I’d share this track anyway. “Fun fact – “Rainbrother recently played SXSW festival where Bjarke found himself in difficult situation as US immigration officials refused to approve his visa after deciding he needed a second interview. As a result, the band played their first gig in Austin with Bjarke still on his living room couch in Copenhagen. Not wanting to let Trump win, the band played the rest of their parts with a pre-recorded projection of Bjarke behind them not missing a single beat and creating a truly unforgettable performance.””