Earworms 18 June 2018

“I am silver and exact. I have no preconceptions. / Whatever you see I swallow immediately / Just as it is, unmisted by love or dislike. I am not cruel, only truthful …” So said Sylvia Plath. I hope none of you are glassy-eyed or shattered this morning, and that you’re ready for Earworms about mirrors and glass. If you have an Earworm you’d like to share, please send an .mp3 or a link to earworm@tincanland.com, together with a few lines about why you’ve chosen it. Next week’s theme will be Islands. Many thanks to all contributors.

The Beat – Mirror in the Bathroom – AliM: From 1979, almost a portent of selfie culture? “Mirror in the bathroom / I just can’t stop it / Every Saturday you see me / Window shopping / Find no interest in the / Racks and shelves / Just a thousand reflections / Of my own sweet self, self, self …”

Blue Oyster Cult – Mirrors – Ravi Raman: “A mirror is a negative space”. Anti-vanity philosophy, Buck Dharma style!

Jazmine Sullivan – Bust Your Windows – tincanman: And he’s lucky that’s all she did after catching him cheating. I love, love, love Jazmine but her short career has a lot of gaps in it. Dunno what’s going on with her, but even with Mary J Blige’s patronage she has only rarely figured out how to get herself fully unlocked.

Bat For Lashes – Glass – severin: “To be made of glass, when two suns are shining, the battle becomes blinding. To be made of glass, but we ride tonight, tonight, tonight, we ride.” Well, I trust that’s all clear then. Already familiar to one and all, I’m sure but always worth a listen. Opaque but irresistible.

Blondie – Heart of Glass – Bluerover: An obvious one, and extremely ancient, but still one of the best – “Once I had a love, and it was The Gas”…. (– it’s a Bristol thing). (Football enthusiasts will understand – Ed.)

Bruce Hornsby – Mirror On The Wall – Ravi Raman: Fortune-telling mirrors fit the theme I hope. From a Best Of… compilation album (and one that I didn’t know I had until I looked for songs on mirrors!).

The Sound – Glass and Smoke – severin: In the early eighties, Korova records were not having the success they had hoped for with The Sound. They asked the band to record something more commercial and chart friendly. So, of course, they did the opposite and the record company dropped them. This is one of the stand-out tracks of that album, “All Fall Down”. Title is presumably a reference to the saying “smoke and mirrors”. The trickery that conceals the trickery.

Guerrilla Toss – Dog in the Mirror – vanwolf: Off last year’s high energy album GT Ultra.

Brooch – Broken Glass – vanwolf: Also from 2017. A duo including the bass player from Ought.

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Earworms 11 June 2018

All is busy down on the farm this morning, with a selection of songs about farmyard animals. But remember: “We will fight for bovine freedom, And hold our large heads high, We will run free with the Buffalo, or die“. If you have an Earworm you’d like to share, please send an .mp3 or a link to earworm@tincanland.com, together with a few words about why you’ve chosen it. Next week’s theme will be mirrors and glass. Many thanks to all contributors.

Stop Press: More music added to playlist

Sarandon – Moo – vanwolf: Great short & spiky track which describes most of their stuff. It’s more about the use of a farm animal to describe someone. Probably harsh on the cow.

Afro Celt Sound System – Calling in the Horses – AliM: From their excellent album, The Source. I’m looking forward to seeing them again, in November. The ending is abrupt because on the album, this track melds into the next.

Offa Rex – Sheepcrook and Black Dog – severin: He is giving up both of them since his true love won’t be the wife of a poor shepherd. There is an earlier and much more famous version of this by Steeleye Span. This recording is from last year.

Fizzy Blood – Black Sheep – AliM: Okay, it’s a shoe-in. But I like it.

Jay Munly – Big Black Bull Comes Like A Caesar tincanman: Eccentric goth-folk from Denver has a happy ending for the bull. Sounds like the cow enjoyed herself, too. Not too sure about the boy, though. I think he might have issues.

Moddi – Parrot, Goat and Rooster – severin: In other words, cocaine, marihuana and an AK 47 assault rifle (sometimes known as “goats horns”). Moddi’s translation from the Spanish describes them as “pets” but I think that the word “animals” is a literal translation of the Spanish language original. The song, with its drug dealer narrator was broadcast a few times on Mexican radio before the controllers realised what the metaphor was. I do accept that parrots are not strictly farm animals but, you know, two out of three …

Little Feat – Down On The Farm – Ravi Raman: one of many songs I picked up during RR New Orleans. Cows, pigs and horses are weeping and bawling …

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Earworms 4 June 2018

Good evening, here is your latest set of Earworms. This week, it’s all about leaves – mostly. If you have an Earworm you’d like to share, don’t leaf it too late – please send an .mp3 or a link to earworm@tincanland.com, together with a few words about why you’ve chosen it. Next week’s theme, should you choose to accept it, will be farm animals. Including poultry. Many thanks to all contributors.

Simon and Garfunkel – Leaves That Are Green – Bluerover: Pure poetry.

Augie March – Vernoona – vanwolf: No reason for choosing, just a sweet song.

Bridie Jackson & the Arbour – Far From The Tree – AliM: OK, it’s a tree, but trees usually have leaves, right?

On Dead Waves – Autumn Leaves – vanwolf: Nice cover.

Tragically Hip – Fifty Mission Cap – tincanman: Well if it’s shoehorns you want, this is about a hockey player who scored a remarkable overtime goal to win the Stanley Cup in 1951 and died a few months later in a plane crash. Not only was Bill Bariko immortailized in song 40-odd years later, but his number was retired and hangs to this day in the Air Canada Center, the home arena of his team, the Toronto…wait for it…Maple Leafs.

Wishbone Ash – Leaf and Stream – AliM: An old chestnut of mine but then if it wasn’t, it wouldn’t be an Earworm. Discuss.

Mary Coughlan – Leaf From A Tree – severin: If I ever forgot just what an impact it made on me when I first heard Mary Coughlan’s voice, this song would bring it all flooding back.

Bob Dylan – Where Are You Tonight – Ravi Raman: His Bobness announcing a fresh start. A long time favourite of mine.

Chet Baker – Autumn Leaves – Ravi Raman: Of course we don’t have autumn here which probably is the reason so many of us, friends and family, are so fascinated by autumn leaves.

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Earworms 28 May 2018

Buildings! Construction! Rush, rush, busy busy! Here they are, late again, all this “having a social life” is seriously disrupting my worms. Anyway, if you have a worm you’d like to share, please send it to earworm@tincanland.com in the form of an .mp3 or a link, with a few lines about why you’ve chosen it. Next week’s theme will be Leaves. A tree, a book, turning over a new one … surprise me with shoehorns. Many thanks to all contributors.

Compulsion – Mall Monarchy – vanwolf: Couldn’t think of much else outside of houses. But building a shopping mall is quite a feat and plus it’s a great song.

Cat Stevens – Into White – AliM: A long time favourite, and probably a previous worm, but I am shameless.

Mammut – Walls – severin: “Tear down all the walls we keep”. Yes, well, they’re probably metaphorical but it’s still better than “we’re gonna build that wall” 

Guy Clark – Boats To Build – tincanman: If I had a hammer this week I’d give it to a house carpenter and then I’d [ED: stop trying to be clever. You’re not funny]. Sigh. Everyone’s a critic. Anyway, I have inexplicably never sent a Guy Clark song in for earworms and this is him at his legendary best, so that’s what you’re getting. 

Cowboy Junkies – Working On A Building – Ravi Raman: Not exactly fair but this has long been a favourite. And I love the quiet intensity of this version.

Kim Churchill – Coded In Concrete – severin: The joys of the open road. “Keep the safe within their concrete walls, and clear of all their sins, code their days and ways and leave them, but let me roll down through the canyons”. Not so keen on buildings and construction then?

Sugar – Hoover Dam – vanwolf: It’s a pretty important construction I guess and a glorious anthem.

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Earworms 21 May 2018

Right, stop whatever you’re doing and have a listen to this – Earworms interruptus. If you have an Earworm you’d like to share, please send an .mp3 or a link to earworm@tincanland.com, together with a few words about why you’ve chosen it. Next week’s theme, should you choose to accept it, will be buildings and construction. Many thanks to all contributors.

Alasdair Roberts & Olivia Chaney – OK, I’ll Count to 8 – severin: Not so much a song about interruptions as a song with interruptions. A brief, daft song from the Concerto Caledonia compilation “Revenge of the Folksingers”.

Jack White – Love Interruption – AliM: from his first studio album, Blunderbuss (2012), with Ruby Amanfu providing additional vocal.

Long John Baldry – Everything Stops For Tea – Ravi Raman: Apparently there are two different songs with this title. Title track of an actually pretty good album.

Interrupted – Twilight Sad – vanwolf: No idea why it’s called this but it’s a great song.

Joni Mitchell – Don’t Interrupt the Sorrow – severin: From The Hissing of Summer Lawns, of course. Described in the sleeve notes as a “poem” rather than a song. The sorrow in the title seems to refer to living (and boozing) with an unfaithful bloke. Unless I’ve got that all wrong. Which I often do. Anyway, I think she was definitely intending to interrupt it.

Paint Work – The Fall – vanwolf: One of my favourites of theirs – featuring a few interruptions to the song flow. Just felt something fantastic about this from the first time I heard it seemingly eons ago (or, in reality, the mid 1980s).

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Earworms 14 May 2018

Sorry the worms are a little late. I am having a Person from Porlock day, and now it is a beautiful evening, after what has been a glorious day. It was all too good to miss. Now I’m settling down with a little snackeroo – not one of those mentioned here, but very good, all the same. If you have an Earworm you would like to share, please send it to earworm@tincanland.com, together with a few lines about why you’ve chosen it. Next week’s theme is interruption – musical or otherwise. Many thanks to all contributors.

The Chefs – Food – severin: Brief and to the point. Snacks and meals rather blend together in this song by the punky/indie Brighton band. The song was first featured on a sampler called Vaultage 79 which was (amazingly) the follow up to Vaultage 78. That series (of two) also introduced the world to Wyngate’s favourite R/R nominees Peter and the Test Tube Babies and pop chart sensations The Piranhas.

Nina Simone – Gimme a Pigfoot and a Bottle of Beer – tfd: In spite of the fact that I live mostly among vegans these days (or perhaps because of it) it was the word ‘pigfoot’ that first came to mind.

Chet Atkins: Nut Sundae – Ravi Raman: From his covers of Grammy winners. Here with Jerry Reed Hubbard who composed the number.

Royal Crown Revue – Salt Peanuts – Ravi Raman: boiled or roasted I need salt for my peanuts. And my favourite snack as well. It’s from their 1998 album The Contender.

The Monkees – You Bring The Summer – severin: “I’ll bring the chips and the dips and root beer / Even though dark purple rain clouds are near. When you come around you bring the Summer.” OK, it’s only the opening lines but it’s kind of topical as summer seems to be starting again. I think, maybe.

The Wolfhounds – Cut the Cake – vanwolf: A nice slice of ‘80s indie to have with a cup of tea.

NRBQ – RC Cola And A Moon Pie – tincanman: A bipolar icon of American rock, the band has in their 50 years together both been lauded by legends like McCartney and Dylan and been the house band on The Simpsons for two years. This is one of their songs.

Camper Van Beethoven – Ice Cream Every Day – vanwolf: I’m not sure it’s a particularly healthy snack but at least it’s sweet.

Anthony Weis – Bright Crisp Morning – AliM: OK, it’s a shoe-in. But most mornings (aside from this one, which was glorious), can be improved by the addition of a marmite with cheese’n’onion crisp sandwich.

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Earworms 7 May 2018

Sorry it’s late, a combination of Internet failure and unexpectedly beautiful weather. If the picture makes you cringe, you can blame vanwolf, whose blurb: ‘an anthem you could imagine the rebellious youth of the daleks bopping to‘, lead me to a fruitless search for downloadable pictures of baby daleks, dancing.  I failed, but found this instead. Anyway, stop wittering, Ali … if you have an Earworm you’d like to share, please send an.mp3 or a link to earworm@tincanland.com, together with a few lines about why you’ve chosen it. Many thanks to all contributors. Next week’s theme will be Snacks. This is a wide field as one person’s ‘snack’ may be another person’s dinner. Or worst nightmare (horseradish and marmite sandwich, anyone)?

Clocker Redbury and Dusty Slosinger – I Can See Clearly Now – tfd: I hope I won’t be bursting anyone’s bubble by revealing that Clocker Redbury and Dusty Slosinger do not exist … or rather that they do exist but are both incorporated in the body of one Jimmy Smith, formerly of the Gourds. And here we have Jimmy playing all the instruments – including what sounds like a car horn but is, I believe, an accordion – and doing all the vocals on this well-known classic. (Come to think of it, though, Dusty Slosinger has a Facebook account, so perhaps I’m wrong.)

Dandylion – Never Look Down – severin: This was Marianne Sveen’s other band. I’m not sure if they still exist in some form or whether she will just continue to record under her own name. Anyway, it’s from 2012 and has the word “look” in it.

Isobel Anderson – Watch You Leave – AliM: From her fourth album Chalk / Flint, which I may have mentioned before. It’s rather good.

Adverts – I Looked At The Sun – severin: The wordiest of punk lyricists went for a rant here about rejecting technology and civilisation (I think) based around the image in the title. Then again it may have been a government health warning. It was produced by one of the blokes who co-produced Tubular Bells.

The Jeff Healey Band – See The Light – Ravi Raman: Title track of their debut album. Another name that seems to have fallen into disuse.

Tom Russell – The Last Time I Saw Hank – tincanman: A mystic saga that intertwines a vision Tom had in a dream with the last time he saw his father alive and all the emotions they awoke.

Black Crowes – Seeing Things – Ravi Raman: Is he singing to a woman or about an hallucinogen?

Hothouse Flowers – I Can See Clearly Now – Carraval: From their 1990 album Home, another cover of the Johnny Nash song.

Alternative TV – Action Time Vision (ATV) – vanwolf: An anthem you could imagine the rebellious youth of the daleks bopping to given the vocal delivery.

Faraquet – The View From This Tower – vanwolf: Nice slice of math rock. doesn’t mention vision much but it’s all in the title. (A long one – enjoy – Ed.)

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